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PR Cartoon: Where PR, Current Events & Bad Taste Collide

October 14 2009

PR Glossary: Book Slap

British singer Leona Lewis is Read More

Free Press Release Distribution Roundup

October 13 2009

I get asked all the time if I can I provide a list of free press release submission companies. Despite being antithetical to my press release distribution business, which relies on reaching media directly by email and dedicated newswire feeds to newsrooms nationwide, I thought it would be worth venturing into this murky world to give you a comprehensive list of free press release websites. Read More

Public Relations and Advertising

October 13 2009

The application of public relations and the use of advertising are sometimes misunderstood, igniting a series of unanswered questions for companies needing to create awareness for themselves. Read More

eReleases Featured by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

October 12 2009

eReleases’ Mickie Kennedy was the executive producer of the No Agenda podcast on Saturday, October 10, 2009.  Click the player above to hear Adam Curry’s and John C. Dvorak’s comments.

WTF?? Free Press Release Distribution Head Scratcher

October 06 2009

The concept of a free press release distribution service is a real head scratcher to most PR professionals because it removes “reaching the media” from the equation. Free press release websites are recommended by SEO professionals, webmasters and business owners for one reason: to get one-way links and traffic. A note of caution: the one-way links to your site are from a deep-linked page on the free press release website — not the homepage. Read More

Online Press Release Myth – When Public Relations Equals SEO PageRank Voodoo

September 28 2009

A phenomenon that his hit the press release world is the myth of the online press release as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) vehicle. Reaching the media appears to be an afterthought. The goal of the online press release … well, no one agrees what is the goal of the press release, but SEO plays a part. Read More

Stress Your “Value” in Holiday-Related Public Relations

September 21 2009

Each year, the clock for getting out holiday-related press releases starts ticking earlier. Recent holiday seasons have proven to be ultra-competitive because of genuine fears that consumers would not be spending money like they had in the past. These fears push purchases back, causing retailers to discount more heavily in an effort to reduce inventories. So when it comes to holiday planning, it’s imperative that manufacturers and service providers push the value element of their products when doing public relations. Read More

Oprah-Worthy? How to Get on the Oprah Winfrey Show

September 15 2009

The Oprah Winfrey Show
1. (also known as Oprah) the highest-rated and longest-running daytime U.S. syndicated talk show. It is hosted and produced by Oprah Winfrey through her company Harpo Productions, Inc.
2. maker of dreams; the holy grail of public relations professionals, authors, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking exposure for their products, books or services.

One of the most frequent questions we get at eReleases is, “Can you get us on Oprah?” Read More

Holiday PR: Get Your Gift-Related Pitches Out Early

September 08 2009

Journalists always know the holidays are upon them when they begin to receive pitches geared towards holiday-themed gift guides and such. Every year the holiday season seems to extend itself, so if you work in the public relations industry it’s best to start circulating your holiday-related pitches early in order to get the jump on the competition. The following tips should help public relations pros make the most of the hectic months before the holidays finally arrive. Read More

Public Relations Basics: When It Comes to Holiday Press Releases, Sooner is Better

September 01 2009

It’s no secret that the fourth quarter is the most important time of the year for companies marketing to consumers. Holiday shopping can make or break many businesses; many analysts wait to see how a company weathered the holidays before determining its financial outlook. However, booming holiday business doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work through triangulated marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts. Unfortunately, many companies fail to address their public relations campaigns until it’s too late in the holiday season, missing what is probably the most cost effective way to promote their product or service. Read More