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Why You Should Be Podcasting

January 05 2010

Everyone knows what podcasting is, but many businesses are still overlooking it. As portable audio devices (like the iPod) become more ubiquitous, podcasting becomes even more important as it allows you to reach your target audience while they’re on the go. Read More

Everything You Need to Know to Nail Your Media Interview

December 30 2009

Media interviews are double-edged swords. On one hand, if you perform well during your interview, you can enjoy the benefits of increased exposure, enhanced credibility, and more future interviews. On the other hand, a poor performance during a media interview can diminish your credibility and damage your brand. Read More

10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

December 29 2009

Recently, I talked about what I believe are the 10 essential ingredients for a successful blog. One ingredient I mentioned in that post is traffic. Without traffic, you’re blogging to nobody. Your blog is just floating out there not doing anything of importance. Read More

A Collection of Must-Have Online Reputation Management Tools

December 21 2009

Everything you do – from the customer service you provide to the press releases you send out – is done to help build a positive reputation so you can attract more business. Unfortunately, all it takes is a Tweet or a blog post from an upset customer to damage your reputation. Read More

When Should You Delete Blog Comments?

December 18 2009

Last week, I wrote a post talking about the best ways to handle negative blog comments. You may have noticed that almost all of the tips on the list were about responding to negative comments, not deleting them. That’s because I’m usually not a fan of deleting blog comments. I think blogs should be a place where everyone has a voice. As soon as you become a dictator, controlling who gets to speak and who doesn’t, your readers will begin to lose interest. Read More

Pay-for-Play PR – Is the Gamble Worth It?

December 16 2009

Pay-for-play or pay-for-performance PR is a tempting proposition. It’s akin to lottery and casino come-ons, filled with the promise of winning the big jackpot. Only the jackpot here is landing a story placement in a major media outlet. Read More

How to Create a Buzz for Your Business

December 15 2009

Traditional advertisements and marketing campaigns can only take your business so far. If you want to truly spread the message, you need to create a buzz about your business. After all, what better way to get your name out there than to let your audience do it for you? Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Online Viral Marketing

December 14 2009

For many, viral marketing is a mystery. When it does happen, you can’t figure out exactly how or why it happened. Because of its mercurial nature, many companies avoid viral marketing campaigns altogether, and that’s a mistake. Read More

Top 7 Media Relations Mistakes

December 11 2009

In your dream world, media relations would probably consist of getting in touch with a news reporter or a blogger, telling them your story, and getting all the coverage you want from them. Unfortunately, the reality is much different. Read More

How to Handle Negative Blog Comments

December 10 2009

In your dream world, thousands of people read your blog every day, and every single reader agrees with your every word. Now, snap back to reality. Read More