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When you want media coverage, what do you do? You probably write a press release, send it out to a carefully culled list of reporters, and follow up with these reporters in hopes of getting your story covered in at least some of your target publications. While this is a popular way to score coverage, it is just one way to go about getting media coverage. It’s not the only way, however.

The fact is there are many other ways you can try to score media coverage, and not all of them involve writing a press release. Here are 3 ways you can get media coverage without writing a press release.

  1. Subscribe to HARO – If you aren’t already subscribed to HARO (Help a Reporter Out), what’s the holdup? This free service is a powerful tool for gaining media coverage. As a subscriber, you’ll get 3 daily emails with requests from reporters who need sources and experts for their stories. It’s a great way for you to generate some publicity for your company. Just make sure you follow these 7 simple tips when responding to HARO queries.
  2. Connect with journalists and bloggers on Twitter – Twitter is a great tool for earning media coverage. Find journalists and bloggers who cover your industry, and connect with them. You’ll often see that journalists and bloggers use Twitter to request sources for their stories. You should also subscribe to the Twitter hashtag #journorequest to find ever more opportunities for getting coverage.
  3. Spend time building relationships – Building long-term relationships with the media is one of the best things you can do to put your company in a position to get the media coverage you so desire. When you earn the trust of key media members, they’ll start to pay attention to what you say, and they’ll be likelier to turn to you when they need help with their story. Check out these 7 great tips for maintaining relationships with the media.

What are some other ways to get media coverage without ever writing a press release? Share your best tips by leaving a comment below.

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