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There are so many benefits to using press releases. But only a very small percentage of businesses use them. And with press release distribution software now available to the public, you can submit to more publishers with little heavy lifting involved.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your news to the right people at the right time, this is where you’ll find your answers. Here are the benefits of using press release distribution software to get more PR value for your dollar.

What is Press Release Distribution Software

PR distribution software is a tool designed to distribute press releases to various media outlets and channels. Using the platform you can send out announcements, news, or updates to journalists, bloggers, and news organizations.

This software typically includes features like:

  • Contact databases for media contacts
  • Scheduling capabilities to send releases at specific times
  • Tracking tools to monitor the reach and impact of press releases
  • Analytics to measure engagement (some not all)
Reach More Journalists

Using this software streamlines the process of distributing information. Ensuring a wider reach to relevant audiences. It helps you organize media contacts, save time, and keep track of performance. Over time, you can use insights gained from these platforms to inform future strategies.

The Benefits of Using Press Release Distribution Software in PR Campaigns

PR distribution software offers several advantages. It serves as a powerful amplifier for PR campaigns by facilitating widespread outreach. In turn, you can submit your press releases in a way that maximizes ROI.

By reaching out to journalists, editors, and influencers across different platforms, the software increases the likelihood of media engagement. This can lead to more coverage in various forms. Including news articles, blog posts, interviews, or social media mentions.

With the capability to target both local and international media, these tools work beyond geographical borders. Making it possible to share your news on a global scale with a broader audience.

Moreover, this software can streamline the process of formatting your releases to meet different media outlet requirements. Further saving you time and resources.

This efficiency frees you up to concentrate on other important parts of your campaigns. Like crafting compelling content, refining strategies, or engaging with journalists and influencers for more personalized outreach.

PR distribution software can also cut costs linked to traditional distribution methods. For smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets, using this software allows you to allocate resources more efficiently. Freeing up resources to focus on content creation and strategy rather than hefty distribution costs.

Key Components of Effective Press Release Distribution Software

Tools within PR software allow for seamless emailing of press releases to a curated list of media contacts. They often include features like customizable templates, contact management, and scheduling options to ensure timely and efficient delivery of announcements.

Effective PR distribution software often connects with different social media platforms.  Allowing you to share press releases across different social channels. This functionality helps in:

  • Amplifying reach
  • Engaging a broader audience
  • Fostering interactions and discussions around the released content

In addition, some distribution software connects with other tools and platforms. Allowing you to sync data and streamline communication workflows.

What to Look For When Exploring Available Options

Check the networks the software has access to. Ensure it aligns with your target audience and industry-specific outlets. Look for user-friendly screen layouts and straightforward navigation. The software should be easy to use, even for beginners.

Before signing up, verify the size and relevance of their media contact database. A comprehensive and updated list increases the chances of reaching the right audience. Assess features like scheduling, analytics, customization options, and multimedia support. Make sure the software meets your specific requirements.

When reviewing price, consider things like:

  • Scalability
  • Additional fees for extra features
  • Whether it fits your budget in the long run

Another thing you want to pay attention to is how well they support current customers. Reliable customer service ensures you get help when needed.

This is especially important when working within hard deadlines. Check reviews and ask about their support options before committing. Last but not least, make sure the platform connects to the technology you’re already using in your business. Compatibility is key for a seamless workflow.

Maximizing the Potential of Press Release Distribution Software

Focus on concise, newsworthy content. Use clear language and attention-grabbing headlines to captivate readers’ interest. Ensure your release includes essential details and contact information.

Sending messages to everyone might seem convenient, but it’s usually not a good idea. Identify and target specific media outlets or journalists relevant to your industry or niche. Tailor your press release to resonate with their interests for better chances of publication.

Try to maintain a consistent schedule for your press releases. Timing can significantly impact their visibility and reception. Take note of any industry events, trends, and news cycles for optimal timing.

Keep in mind that audience preferences change over time. Be sure to regularly assess the success of your press releases. Learn from past performances and adjust your approach accordingly. Adaptation and improvement are key to maximizing the software’s potential.

FAQs and Common Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions about PR distribution software that can lead to confusion or unrealistic expectations. Clarifying these can help maximize the impact of your campaigns. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions on press releases.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a formal statement issued to media outlets. They typically share information about noteworthy events, product launches, or updates related to an organization. The goal of a press release is to capture the attention of journalists and the public.

Press releases are distributed through a variety of channels. Including company websites, email blasts, and direct outreach to journalists. They serve as a tool that helps companies:

  • Generate media coverage
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Inform the public about significant developments or changes

Is It Worth It to Hire a Press Release Company?

Deciding whether to hire a press release company depends on your budget, expertise, and the specific goals of your release. These companies can offer professional writing, distribution to their network, and sometimes media outreach. However, for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets, it might be more cost-effective to handle press releases in-house.

When exploring your options, pay attention to what’s included in their press release service. Keep in mind that not all press release companies are created equal. For example, eReleases partners you with real editors (not salespeople).

This means your press release investment goes towards editorial reviews and reaching hand-selected journalists in your market. Not generic distribution lists that overlook the unique angles and appeal of your story.

Will Using This Software Guarantee Immediate Media Coverage?

This is a common misconception. Distribution software only facilitates sending releases to contacts. Securing coverage depends on the newsworthiness of your content and the interest of journalists or media outlets.

The quality and relevance of your content is very important. Compelling narratives or news angles play a key role in attracting the right media attention.

There’s also a mistaken belief that flooding numerous outlets guarantees better coverage. Targeting specific, relevant contacts and tailoring your release to their interests usually yields better results than a mass distribution approach.

Keep in mind that pressing send doesn’t mean your work is done. Relationship building through personalized follow-ups plays an important role as well. Follow-up communication helps you improve your chances of coverage.

What Can I do to Increase the Chances of My Story Being Picked up?

Journalists appreciate press releases that provide clear, concise, and factual information. Avoid unnecessary jargon or overly promotional language. Stick to the facts and present the story in a compelling yet straightforward manner.

Always include the contact details of someone who can provide additional information or clarification. Being reachable and responsive to questions helps you establish credibility. Encouraging journalists to engage with your story.

If relevant, include high-resolution images, videos, or infographics that complement the story. Visuals can enhance the appeal of your release and make it more attractive for media use.

Make sure you’re not sharing sensitive information prematurely. As this can create a negative perception of your company. It can also put you at risk of legal consequences initiated by other parties.

If possible, provide access to relevant analytics or metrics. Media outlets appreciate insights into the potential reach or engagement of a press release. This level of transparency can help you build better relationships with journalists.

Elevate Your PR with eRelease Services

Press release distribution software remains a game-changing tool for PR campaigns. Its ability to amplify the reach and impact of news releases is undeniable. Embracing this technology ensures that your news doesn’t just exist, it resonates.

Among the many options available, eRelease stands out as a top choice for small businesses across the globe. With eRelease, you’re not just getting a software solution. You’re gaining access to a powerhouse of professionals ready to help you get the most impact out of your campaigns.

Place an order as soon as today to elevate the quality and impact of your press releases.

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