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Writer’s Block, Your Press Release, and You

November 24 2014

Does writer’s block really exist? Personally I’ve never experienced it. While this sounds like bragging it could be dumb luck – after all, most writers who talk about writer’s block have been around for some time and experienced it, so it’s not like I’m special. However, even when I’ve been faced with the real prospect of having a huge brain meltdown I’ve managed to push through and finish it.  Read More

Micro vs. Macro Blogging – Which is Better?

November 12 2014

You know what blogging is, but do you know the difference between macro and micro blogging? While it seems like it’s just about the size of the message, there’s much more to it than that. The types of messages and what they convey about your business can vary quite a bit depending on the medium used.  Read More

Closing Out Your Press Release with a Bang

November 11 2014

Many words have been typed about the beginning of a press release. And it’s true; making a first impression is vital to making it into a newspaper or magazine or anywhere else. If you don’t knock their socks off right away they’ll simply move on to the next press release.  Read More

Tips for Shy PR Pros on Talking to People in Real Life

November 11 2014

The prevalence of social media in PR is a dream come true for introverts. They can type away with a level of separation from other people that’s not found in many other industries. There’s not even a real need to talk to people on the phone on a regular basis. Read More

5 Stupid Press Release Blunders Smart Companies Make

November 11 2014

Newbie or old pro – nobody is safe from making the occasional blunder. And this happens all the time on press releases. There are so many elements and so many things could go wrong that even the best in the business slip up and make goofy errors.  Read More

When Twitter Posts Go Rogue

November 07 2014

You can plan for the future all you want, but sometimes there’s no telling what’s going to happen. It’s amazing how different the reactions will be to the exact same Twitter post – one group could love it, another group could be totally indifferent and ignore it, and yet another group could be wildly offended. Read More

What to Do with a Failed Press Release

November 06 2014

 Well, you gave it your best shot. You wrote a fantastic press release, making sure to write in the inverted pyramid format and get in some great quotes and other relevant stuff. You literally couldn’t have done a better job… but it still failed miserably.  Read More

SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

November 06 2014

For so many years Search Engine Optimization has been the bread of butter of PR pros everywhere. You wanted to get attention to your website or store so you would spice up your blogs and other content with keywords and links. Google would take notice and bump up your website to the front page, allowing searchers to stumble across it easier.  Read More

Press Release Framework Tips

November 05 2014

You’ve been tasked to write up your first press release. You’ve seen plenty of them over the years and even done some in school but this is your first time writing a press release as a professional. As a result, you want to make sure you do it right the first time and knock it out of the park.  Read More

How to Write Blogs in the Face of Panda 4.0

November 04 2014

By now you’ve heard how Panda 4.0, Google’s new search algorithm, has totally changed the face of PR forever. Many PR pros are saying it’s basically the end of SEO as we know it considering it takes great content into consideration rather than keywords and links.  Read More