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One significant milestone for any growing company is when they begin hiring top executives.

But imagine reading about one of your competitors in the news announcing a new hire a month after you did the same thing! Yours went under the radar while your competitor managed to turn their news into a successful PR campaign.

Read on to learn about some of the compelling benefits of securing the support of a new hire press release service.

1. You’ll Have Access to a Professional Writing Service

Writing a press release is a little different from other types of written communication you might do as a business.

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It’s a specific skill set, and you need the knowledge about how to structure and present your information in a way that will help make your press release a success.

By choosing a professional service, you’ll have access to writers who can create the best new hire press release for your business.

They’ll be able to add a compelling and engaging narrative that presents your company in the best light. They’ll also know how to write the release to meet industry standards and maximize the chance of broader distribution.

It means your new hire story won’t disappear among similar new stories but will stand out as an exciting talking point.

2. Access to the Best Networks

Press release success is all down to having the right contacts. And that’s one of the most valuable assets a press release service offers.

Their network is established and extensive, giving you the best opportunity to get your news story out to the people who matter and to a sizeable number to make the most significant impact.

That might be specialist journalists in your industry, in HR, or some of your niche’s most well-known news publications.

Coverage at this level can have a game-changing impact on your brand.

A new hire can attract investment or other talented employees to your company. It can also get your industry talking, especially if it’s a well-known name that can bring ideas and product innovations to your business.

3. It Will Help You Build Relationships With the Media

When you use a press release service, it’s often your first opportunity to reach out and connect with the press. A new hire is also the perfect time to do that. But the connection doesn’t end there.

On the contrary, it’s often the beginning of a relationship with journalists and the media.

You can use that to forge a long-standing relationship built on collaboration and trust, which can help benefit your business in the long term. It improves your chance of seeing subsequent press releases feature in the news headlines.

Plus, that relationship will help you understand more about PR and fine-tune your press release strategy to make it work more effectively for your business.

For example, journalists can provide tips and feedback about making your next press release more impactful.

4. It Will Help You Boost Your SEO Efforts

If you have tried SEO for your website, you’ll know the importance of backlinks. Backlinks come from trusted sources, and they’re an indicator to Google that you have a reputable and relevant website.

Some of the highest backlinks come from news organizations, as they are well-established and authoritative. So, you can imagine the benefit of getting a website link featured on a high-profile news source.

It’s great for your SEO. Plus, if other news organizations pick up your story and it generates a buzz, that has an even more significant impact.

Google will see that your brand has “chatter” and is exciting to people, which means it’s more likely to rank you highly.

5. It Gives Your Business Authority

You may have the impression that a formal press release is for the world’s big brands, like Apple or Coca-Cola. But that’s not the case.

With the help of an expert press release team, even a small or little-known company can make headlines in the news with the right story. And when you do, it can positively impact how customers or investors view your business.

Seeing a new hire story in the news will help you develop authority and credibility in your industry. And competitors will see you as a serious player, too.

Press releases are well-established and professional ways of promoting your business, so they have an excellent way of building a trustworthy image for a brand.

A press release service will know the tricks of the trade when presenting your business in that manner and maximizing the long-term impact on your business.

6. It’s the Best Use of Your Time

There are so many demands on a growing business. Therefore, you have to delegate the things that others can do better. Press releases fit that description because they require highly specialized skills.

Your team can focus their internal resources on other priorities, like marketing and product development. And since your team will always be most productive in their best work, it’s more cost-effective in the long run.

A specialist business press release service can do the end-to-end work involved, including writing, editing, and outreach, all with a professional approach.

Dedication to this role means they won’t cut corners or become sidetracked by emergencies halfway through their outreach efforts.

7. You Can Measure the Results

When you outsource your press release tasks, you’ll get insights into what happens next.

These insights will include analysis in the form of reports, giving you an easy way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. For example, eReleases provides a report after your press release, outlining traffic, audience, and engagement.

It’s easy to compare that to the costs and establish your return on investment. This data is crucial for your marketing team because it will help them compare the impact of a press release against other marketing strategies.

It also lets you fine-tune your future PR efforts for higher engagement rates. That way, your next press release brings even better results for your business.

8. It Helps Build Brand Awareness

A professional press release service knows how to get the most impact from your campaign.

These services can help elevate your brand image on that press release and ensure your business name gets the visibility it deserves.

They’ll do that through an extensive network of contacts, so you can get your brand mentioned by big media names, plus more specialist blog websites that may focus on your industry.

You can imagine the positive impact if someone sees your new hire press release across different trusted news sources. They will have a positive and long-lasting impression of your brand.

Compared to competitors, it’s your name people will remember when they think of your product or service.

9. The Impact Is Almost Immediate

Some marketing efforts can take weeks or months to realize. Ranking on Google is a good example.

However, a press release is almost immediate. A managed service can help it run efficiently so that your new hire news story remains timely and fits your goals.

Time sensitivity is a common issue with press releases.

A professional service will understand the importance of hitting deadlines. They will know the timescales for ensuring that news is distributed to the correct sources. At the same time, it’s still fresh for publication.

It means that your news will land in different places at the same time, which can maximize the chatter about your business.

10. You Get Expert Support

A professional press release service will offer support every step of the way. If this is your first time announcing a new hire, and you don’t have an in-house PR team, this service will help answer all your questions.

A press release service offers PR executives extensive industry knowledge, which would otherwise be difficult to access.

They can give you strategic advice on your press release, such as writing a compelling message and perfecting your timing. It’s like having an in-house team at your disposal but without the expensive overheads.

11. It’s Cost Effective

PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, providing you work with a team to maximize your reach.

Suppose you were to put this money into pay-per-click advertising or SEO. In that case, you’d pay for ongoing ad costs plus ad support from a professional team.

In contrast, a PR campaign allows you to get a massive reach from one small statement – your press release.

Therefore, you can focus your time and money on perfecting that information, increasing your chances of seeing an excellent return on investment.

Plus, by using a professional service, you consolidate every aspect of PR, helping you save on paying for separate resources and experts.

Getting Your New Hire Press Release Perfect

A new hire press release is the ideal time for people to get to know your company. If you get it right, it’s fantastic marketing that will bring many positive results for your company.

It takes expertise and industry connections to do effective PR, so get in touch with eRelease today. Our specialist connections and streamlined processes will make your press release efforts easy and effective.

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