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Preparing for a Television Interview

April 07 2009

Recently I appeared live on national television. (Well, it was actually cable, but that’s national now.) Using my experience as an example, this installment of PR Fuel discusses the pros and cons of television-based public relations. Hopefully you’ll be able to take away some tips about how to  get your public relations message on the air, how to prepare for that first television interview, and how to make the most of it once you’re in front of the camera. Read More

Blurring the Line Between Public Relations and Customer Service

April 06 2009

My friends think I’m strange when I tell them that the best way to solve a problem is to call someone who works in public relations. As a consumer, I’ve learned that PR people usually take their company’s customer service seriously. When traditional dispute resolution fails, a call or email to a PR person can work wonders. In recent weeks, as a consumer, I’ve had three experiences with PR people that I wanted to note; these examples should illustrated why all PR people need to be ready to act as a customer service rep in their company’s interest. Read More

Setting Public Relations Objectives

April 06 2009

A successful public relations strategy depends on well-planned objectives. However, it takes more than just good public relations skills to plan good objectives. Here are some tips for setting effective public relations and marketing objectives. Read More

The PR Fuel Mailbag: Employee Blackmail, Public Relations Disasters, and More Fun

April 03 2009

It’s time for another dip into the PR Fuel mailbag. This time we answer some questions from PR Fuel readers, including public relations professionals, who are dealing with some serious issues: a threatening ex-employee, a shaky merger, a recalcitrant journalist, and a strange resume request. All this, plus some public relations web sites to add to your browser’s bookmarks. Read More

Optimizing Your Web Site for the Blind

April 02 2009

Online assistive technologies for the blind continue to evolve. Where people with low vision use screen magnification software to aid them in using web sites, the blind use screen readers. One of the most common-and free-screen readers is called JAWS. This software introduces each page to the listener and reads every word on the screen as well as information running behind the scenes. Here are some tips for optimizing your corporate web site for blind users and screen reader technology. Read More

Washington Monument Strategy: Political PR Tool or Crass Manipulation?

April 01 2009

I read an article about local government using the threat of budget shortfalls to close a popular and much-needed public service. The writer referred to it as a Washington Monument Strategy. I had never heard that phrase before but a Google search showed it along with the phrase Washington Monument Syndrome being used a bit lately. Read More

Five Reasons to Use Blogs as Public Relations Tools

March 31 2009

A post on Kevin Dugan’s Strategic Public Relations blog ( recently caught my eye. Dugan discussed an article longtime online marketing genius B.L Ochman highlighting ten “examples of sites, campaigns, and companies that are crying out for blogs.” The article got me thinking, once again, about how companies are missing the blogging boat. To this end, I’ve come up with my own list of five industries that are not capitalizing on the public relations opportunities presented by blogs. My hope is that my ideas will perhaps help foster some creative thinking about how your company or clients can use blogs as effective public relations tools. Read More

Public Relations Basics: How to Respond to Critics

March 30 2009

No matter the size of your business or organization, there will always be critics. How you respond to these critics — publicly and privately — is very important. Writing a correction letter to a newspaper or magazine is often the easiest (and cheapest) public relations strategy when responding to critics. Read More

Branding – How to Recognize Your Brand Values and Protect Them

March 30 2009

What is a brand, anyway? It seems like it is a mysterious “something-or-other” that isn’t marketing, isn’t PR, isn’t advertising. So if we know what it isn’t, shouldn’t we also know what a brand is? Read More

Cross-Culture Public Relations – It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

March 26 2009

Every public relations professional dreams of developing a campaign that puts his or her company’s tag line on the lips of the entire world. However, the tried and true rules of continuity, consistency, and even practicality don’t always apply when it comes to international or cross-culture campaigns. Read More