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A good press release deals only with the facts. No opinions. No hyperbole. Just honest, accurate information that supports your story.

But let’s face it. Sometimes, facts and statistics can be, well, boring.

For example, about 400,000 Americans die each year as a result of smoking. That’s a pretty impressive statistic and it could be powerful ammunition for an anti-smoking campaign, but the truth is that it’s also a very forgettable statistic. It doesn’t carry an punch, and it doesn’t really have any scale to it. It doesn’t make you stop and say “Wow! 400,000!”

Now, imagine if the statistic was presented like this:

Arm Pump

400,000 Americans die each year from smoking. Yankee Stadium holds about 50,000 people. It would take 8 Yankee Stadiums filled to capacity to hold all the Americans who die from smoking each year. Now, imagine that over the period of your lifetime. It would take hundreds of Yankee Stadiums to hold all the Americans who will die from smoking during your lifetime.

Presenting the statistic this way makes it more powerful because it creates a specific, relatable image to it. It transforms raw, boring data into something that the average person can easily relate to…something that makes them say “Wow.” Something they’ll share with their friends and family.

Here’s another example. As part of an effort to get people to use their filtered water pitchers, Brita said that Americans drink enough bottled water every year that the discarded bottles could stretch around the world 100 times. That’s a powerful image! It’s far more powerful than simply stating the number of water bottles thrown away each year.

The point is this. Statistics are great. But how you present them is what’s really important. You have to find ways to transform the raw, boring data into something that creates a powerful, unforgettable image in the reader’s mind.

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