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Improving Public Relations: Is a Communications Audit Right for You?

April 20 2009

Before you send out another press release or write your next employee newsletter, ask this question: “Are my company’s communications operating from a detailed plan customized for my clients, employees, and press contacts?” If your answer is no, there’s a communications audit in your future. The general goal of a communications audit is to identify how a company interacts with key audiences such as customers, employees, and the media. Read More

Public Relations Role Models: What You Can Learn From Pro Athletes

April 17 2009

By now we all know it’s rarely worthwhile to hold up professional athletes as role models. While athletes still rank as popular heroes for kids, we’ve definitely seen a shift in the past decade to more traditional role models — teachers, doctors, etc. But one arena where it is worth looking to professional athletes as role models is public relations. Read More

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Public Relations Industry

April 16 2009

High energy prices, troubled industries, flatlining online advertising growth, and geopolitical concerns are just some of the headwinds the U.S. economy faces these days. One would think that these issues would also impact spending on public relations, but that does not appear to be the case. Good news, right? Sort of. Read More

Turning the Tables: A Journalist Talks Public Relations

April 16 2009

A while back, a friend who works in the public relations industry cornered me with a few questions. The following discussion about public relations and the media takes a little peek into how the two intertwined industries relate to each other. Read More

Public Relations vs. Journalism: Clashing Agendas

April 15 2009

It’s perhaps one of the longest running questions in public relations: How do you deal with a journalist who has an agenda? Some journalists do have agendas; columnists are paid to comment on the news and provide opinion, not just report the news. Even in traditional reporting, sometimes a personal agenda seeps into a story. Just as every public relations consultant has their own style, background, level of intelligence, gifts, resources, etc., so does every journalist. Read More

Public Relations Basics: Mastering the Television Interview Process

April 14 2009

During my first television interview, the producer had one piece of advice for me: Don’t use profanity. During my second television interview, the producer had another piece of advice for me: Be controversial. Public relations consultants should take both of pieces of advice to heart. But there’s a lot more to an effective television interview. Read More

Note to PR Pros: Keep Your Key Messages Consistent

April 13 2009

Consistency in public relations is important. Public relations consultants and corporate executives are often told to “stay on message” and not to stray from a script. Companies and organizations put an enormous amount of time and energy into hammering home a consistent key messages, be it through public statements, advertising, or simple branding. Read More

Public Relations in a Political Crisis

April 09 2009

I have one friend from the country of Georgia, and we were talking on the phone when President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia appeared on NBC News to discuss the recent Georgian crisis. Saakashvili compared Russia’s current actions to those of its predecessor, the Soviet Union, in 1956 in Hungary and 1968 in what was then Czechoslovakia. Read More

Comcast sCares: Scenes from the Trenches in the Battle with Wretched Combastic Service

April 08 2009

This isn’t broadband. This is war.

Comcast uses the phrase “Comcast Cares” but my experience with the company seems to show they care only up to a point. If, like the majority of users, you get cable installation and it works, that’s great. Comcast really cares about these customers. They require little work. The company sits back and enjoys the revenue.

However, if you have a problem with your connection, in this case Internet connectivity, that’s where the caring appears to stop. Read More

Public Relations Basics: Avoiding Press Leaks and Fixing Mistakes

April 08 2009

In the world of public relations, press leaks can be damaging affairs. Sensitive internal information being sent to journalists can wreck a company’s reputation, cost it customers or clients, or even land it in legal hot water. But how can public relations consultants prevent press leaks, or at least clean up the damage they wreak? Read More