How Much Is Too Much? At What Frequency Should You Send Press Releases?

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At what point does “sending out a lot of press releases to gain exposure” become “I just angered every single journalist in my city?” It’s easy to blacklist yourself and your entire company by constantly sending out press releases to newspapers, especially to ones that you’ve already submitted.

On the other hand, getting your press release printed is a lesson in patience and tenacity. Not sending your releases out to reporters means you’ll never get noticed. How exactly do you walk this fine line?

How Much Is Too Much?

As usual, there’s never a clear and defined line and rule for you to follow. However, there are a few factors you can take into consideration.

Hot Deal

For one, what is your relationship to the reporter? Have you spent time cultivating a friendship or at least a business agreement? If so, you may get a better idea of how often to send press releases to that particular media outlet. In fact, if you know them well enough, they’ll probably just flat out tell you when to send them.

If not, you might try asking anyway. If you somehow get a not-too-busy reporter, they might tell you the optimal times and frequency to send press releases. If you still don’t have an answer, try giving a journalist at least a couple weeks before sending in a follow up email. Then, give them another month at least before sending in another press release. Of course, that also depends on …

The Importance of the News

How important is your press release? Not just to you, but to the world, and most importantly, the newspaper or magazine you send it to? If the news has the potential to change the world, then sending in more frequent press releases might be worth it. If it only has some importance to your company, it might be best to hold off entirely.

Nobody wants their time wasted. This goes especially for busy reporters. If they feel like you’re siphoning too much of their time, any potential partnerships could be damaged. It’s definitely better to get an idea of the specific needs of their establishment before bombarding them with press releases. All you have to do is ask!

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