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5 Questions to Determine Whether Your Press Release is Newsworthy

May 06 2011

Your boss comes to you with some big news and wants you to write up a kickin’ press release about it. You ask what the big news is and she tells you the company is planning to send out company emblazoned coffee mugs to their favorite clients. Now, before you start writing, let’s look to see if this is actually newsworthy! Read More

PR Oops: How to Correct Misinformation in a Press Release

May 05 2011

There’s nothing more heart-stopping than realizing you just sent out a confusing or flat out incorrect press release. That freezing feeling in your chest is you seeing into the future where your business is leaking money due to the faulty document you just sent out on the wire. Read More

Tactics for Stronger Opening Paragraphs in Your Press Releases

May 04 2011

When it comes to press releases, first impressions are everything. If the opening (or “lead”) paragraph of your press release doesn’t quickly grab the attention of the reader, everything else you’ve written is for nothing. Your press release won’t get picked up, and your story will die. It’s pretty simple. Read More

Give Your Statistics More Punch

May 03 2011

A good press release deals only with the facts. No opinions. No hyperbole. Just honest, accurate information that supports your story. Read More

How Google’s New Page Rank Algorithm Benefits PR Pros

April 28 2011

Did you have your algorithms and SEO all figured out for Google? Too bad, it’s all changed, if you haven’t heard. Of course, Google changes their formulas and algorithms all the time to keep up with user trends. However, this change is destined to be a big one, and, for once, it’s positive news for all us PR pros out there. How does it really benefit us? Read More

5 Steps to Take After Your Press Release Has Been Sent

April 27 2011

So you finally emailed that press release out after a week of solid work. Time to relax! Right? Read More

How to Thank a Reporter Who Covered Your Press Release

April 25 2011

You wake up one day and check your local newspaper. Lo and behold, right there on the first page, is a news story based on your press release! After all these many years a friendly reporter did you a solid and covered your announcement. So how do you go about thanking them? Send them flowers? Take them to a fancy dinner? Read More

7 Ways Facebook Could Cost You Your Job

April 21 2011

You ensure that your resume looks up-to-date. The shoes are shined and the shirt is starched. You have this job interview in the bag before you even so much as shake hands with the hiring manager. So why are you jeopardizing your new job before you even get it? Read More

5 PR Campaigns that Changed the USA

April 20 2011

Some public relations campaigns are fantastic and make companies a lot of money. However, there are some campaigns that literally change the world! Whether their creators knew it at the time or not, these five examples influenced the world we live in today in many ways. Read More

Why Some Social Media Campaigns Go Viral and Others Fail

April 19 2011

Think of the last crazy social media campaign you came across. There are definite reasons that campaign made it to your Facebook wall or email inbox. For every successful one, there are at least a thousand that don’t see the light of day. Most of these were uninspired, lazy efforts, but sometimes the good ones die, too! What is the difference between a viral social media campaign and one that died in the water? Read More