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The Phony Press Release Trend: Why It Hurts the Industry

June 13 2011

As you pore over your morning emails, you see a press release from your company’s president that he is very sorry for the recent problems customers have encountered with the latest product release. He promises no more errors will be made in the future, but in the meantime, all customers experiencing issues will be issued a full refund. And free candy. Read More

How to Restore Confidence in Your Customers When You’ve Failed

June 09 2011

Well, you goofed. Big time. The Twitterverse is ablaze with anger, your Facebook feed is filled with seething rage, and the national news has even given the story airtime. Your face is red and soon your profit margins will be, too! Unless you do something. Read More

Public Relations vs. Marketing: Which is More Important?

June 08 2011

It’s something businesses struggle with constantly: do they focus on marketing or public relations? Is it more important to get the word out about the company, or is it better to try and talk to people directly? Read More

The 10 Commandments of Branding

June 02 2011

What does it take to build a brand that’s memorable…a brand your target market can trust and connect with? If you keep these 10 commandments of branding in mind, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your business objectives. Read More

Why You Should Send Your Press Releases To Clients And Prospects

June 01 2011

Whenever you think about distributing press releases, you probably focus on targeting key members of the media or maybe publishing them on various online press release directories. But did you know you can get even more from your press releases by sending them to clients and prospects? Read More

What Should Be in Your Press Release’s Company Boilerplate?

May 24 2011

While the idea of the boilerplate has gone out of fashion in press releases, they are still one of the best things you can do to make the process easier for yourself. A “boilerplate” is basically an “About” section that details all the important aspects of your company. Why is this important to include? Unless there is some drastic overhaul of the way your business performs, the boilerplate should rarely change. Read More

A Few Simple Rules for Link Building with Press Releases

May 23 2011

One of the main ranking factors used by Google and other search engines is the number of links a website has pointed at it. The more back links from quality websites your site has, the higher it should rank for the keywords you’re targeting. Read More

5 Press Release Writing Mistakes that Will Out you as a Rookie

May 19 2011

When you’re first starting out writing press releases, it’s difficult to not slip up and make a few mistakes. Unfortunately, many of these mistakes come from simply not having experience in the field. Most journalists have come to notice these, so they will automatically know you’re a rookie! So to avoid looking like a total noob, do your best to avoid these five damaging goofs. Read More

5 Things You REALLY Need to Know about the Competition

May 13 2011

Are you following your competitors? I don’t mean visiting their website occasionally to see what changes they’ve made to their shopping cart, I mean REALLY following them. They’re no doubt doing the same to you, as they want your business for their own. Read More

How Much Is Too Much? At What Frequency Should You Send Press Releases?

May 11 2011

At what point does “sending out a lot of press releases to gain exposure” become “I just angered every single journalist in my city?” It’s easy to blacklist yourself and your entire company by constantly sending out press releases to newspapers, especially to ones that you’ve already submitted. Read More