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toolsStarting a business is hard and keeping it in the black is even harder. It seems everyone wants a nice chunk of change between bills, rent, taxes, and salaries. With all that money going out the door, finding a free service to handle an aspect of your business is awesome news.

Thankfully, free online services are not that hard to find and they cover a multitude of services from graphic design to scheduling to financial planning. Not to mention you can find free services for presentations and keeping up to date on your industry and competitors.

Let’s take a look at 6 free (and easy to use) online tools:

  1. Setmore—Setmore is a free scheduling app that with the free version allows you to schedule unlimited appointments for up to 20 employees, as well as have unlimited services with unlimited customers. For a little extra, you can have it sync with Google and Outlook, as well as take payments and send text reminders. However, the free version really covers most small business needs.
  2. Canva—No need to hire a fancy graphic designer with a tool like Canva. The free version gives you (some) background images, lots of font options, pre-designed logos, and graphics. This makes it easy to make high quality graphics for any project.
  3. Trello—Are you a list maker? Do you like to organize your projects with notes and images? Trello is the service for you. In the free version, you can create boards for any project you have going on and include attachments, notes, pictures, and checklists. You can even add members to your project, so whether at home or work, you are always on the same page. Plus it syncs across all devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle.
  4. Prezi—Let’s face it, most presentations are a long walk through Dullsville. As soon as they dim the lights, your eyes start to flutter closed. It doesn’t have to be this way though, especially if you use Prezi, a free presentation tool. Prezi uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to allow the user to perfect the art of visual storytelling. No one will be stifling a yawn during your Prezi.
  5. Feedly—The amount of news churned out every day is mind-boggling. Who has time to read all of that? Feedly helps you cut through all that noise by focusing on the blogs, news outlets, and YouTube channels that you want to focus on. Users can also use Google Alerts to stay on top of news in their industry, as well as mentions of their company and competitors.
  6. Mint—This free online financial tool connects with your financial institution and provides easy budgeting, free credit scores, as well as investment tracking and financial advice. It’s easy to sign up and in just minutes you can see how you spend your money and where it could be better spent.

We know there are plenty of awesome free online tools, so if we haven’t mentioned a biggie—share it in the comments. We want to hear from you!

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