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The Dangers of Sending Too Many Press Releases

July 13 2010

In the past, I’ve often talked about using the leaky faucet approach to PR. This tactic demands that you drop a series of newsworthy press releases consistently over time so that the media will eventually pick up one of your stories. The leaky faucet approach requires consistency and a high volume of quality press releases. Read More

Blog Commenting for PR: Dos and Don’ts

July 12 2010

Blog commenting can be an effective PR and marketing technique that offers a wide range of benefits when done properly. Effective blog commenting can help you: Read More

5 Ways to Monitor Your Company’s Reputation on the Internet Absolutely Free

July 09 2010

Whether your company has a web presence or not, chances are somebody out there is talking about you on the Internet. It’s up to you whether you monitor and manage that online reputation or allow the conversation to flow on past without your input.   And sure, plenty of media monitoring services will monitor the Internet for you, but why shell out your hard earned cash when there are simple and free ways to do it yourself? Read More

Are PR Internships Worth it for Budding PR Pros?

July 08 2010

When people think intern, they think of a life of glamour, mystery and intrigue. Just kidding. They think of fetching coffee for execs and peeking over the walls of cubicles trying to overhear vital career tips in between making copies and answering phones. But with research and perseverance, a public relations intern can capture some of that PR glamour, all the while making sure she wants to deal with her fair share of PR drudgery for the rest of her career, too. Read More

Correcting Erroneous Information in Negative Customer Reviews

July 02 2010

Recently, we spent a little time talking about some things you can do to get more positive online reviews from your customers. Positive reviews are helpful because they allow you to build trust with your customers, and they can help flush any negative reviews down toward the bottom. Read More

Break Free from the Basic Press Release Template

June 24 2010

Have you noticed how at least 90% of press releases are pretty much the exact same? Sure, the company name is different and the buzzwords might vary, but overall, nearly every press release reads the exact same. They’re written in the same style, and there’s really nothing that makes one stand out from any of the others. Read More

FourSquare 101 for PR Pros

June 23 2010

Are you constantly worried sick where your friends are? Wondering what restaurants your sister is frequenting? Then you need FourSquare immediately! In all seriousness, FourSquare can be quite a useful program for many reasons, not the least of these is finding ways to boost your business! Read More

From “Advertorial” to “Wire Service”: PR Terminology Explained

June 17 2010

If you didn’t cut your teeth in the world of public relations, talking to another PR professional can be like trying to decipher an ancient language.  Study up on this glossary of some of the more obscure PR terms and you’ll be speaking in code with your PR colleagues in no time. Read More

How to Prepare for Your Television Appearance

June 16 2010

A strange thing happened during the 1960 presidential debates between candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. People who saw the debates on TV thought that the young and handsome Kennedy won, while people who heard the same debates on the radio thought that Nixon had won. Why? Read More

Tips for Publicizing Your Company with a Video Commercial

June 15 2010

Who would you trust more with your money? Someone you read about, or someone who you can see and whose voice you can hear? When people make the decision to retain your company or buy your product, they are making the decision to trust you with their money. No matter what industry you are in or what niche you fill, you have competitors out there. Read More