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Press Release Length

Usually, when we talk about creating the perfect press release, we focus on crafting catchy headlines and avoiding silly grammar errors. But these aren’t the only elements required for a successful press release. And you might even argue that they aren’t the most important. So, what is?

It’s the length of your press release.

How Long Should a Press Release Be?

Press release length is extremely important, but it’s one of those things that never gets talked about and that always gets overlooked.

Why is the length of your press release so important?

It’s because the average reporter or editor spends just 5 seconds reading a news release before deciding whether or not to toss it in the garbage. It’s clear that length matters.

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Too long, and it’s thrown right into the trash (which is lots easier to do now all one has to do is click the delete button on their computer.)

What is the Right Press Release Length?

So, what’s the right press release length?

A word count of anywhere from 300-500 words.

Once you eclipse the 500 word mark, there’s a good chance you’re just wasting space on words that will never get read. Your best bet is to get your press release to fit on a single page, which is 300-500 words, depending on your formatting. This lets the reporter or editor quickly scan through it in their allotted 5 seconds.

How to Keep Your Press Release Short and Sweet

So, what can you do to make sure your press release doesn’t turn into a novel? Here are a few tips for keeping it short and to the point.

– if you want reporters to cover your news story, it’s best to give them the information they need in the style they expect it. That means formatting your press release properly.

  • Focus on answering the most basic questions – It’s all about answering the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions with your press release. Come up with the answers to these questions before you begin writing, and then format these answers into short, easy-to-read paragraphs.
  • You don’t have to tell the entire story – You don’t need to include every single detail you can think of in your press release. Remember, your goal is to get the journalist’s attention with your story and to have them contact you for an interview where they can get more details and you can get more coverage.
  • Cut out the fluff and hype – I like to do my editing on a physical sheet of paper. That’s why I print out the press release and have a red pen nearby. Go through the press release and search out any fluff, hype, or jargon. Chances are, you’ll find something that doesn’t need to be there. Slash it out with your pen. Once you’ve done all your editing, rewrite it, and give it one more read to make sure it really is fluff-free.

What do you think is the ideal press release length? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

The Second Most Important Element In A Press Release

Getting the length of your press release right is vital, but another thing is important for your press release to be successful – it needs to be sent to the right people.

Most people send their press releases off to a small group of people they are aware of.

But in doing so, they’re missing out on one of the most powerful elements of press releases – getting the message out to a wider audience through getting it published in more places.

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