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About 69% of marketers with successful campaigns have a documented content marketing strategy. As part of your content strategy, you might consider drafting your own press releases. Taking the DIY route could prove disastrous, though.

You could make costly mistakes with your press releases. Journalists and publications mightpress release companytoss your release in the discard pile. Don’t take that risk!

Instead, consider these 10 benefits of hiring a press release company.

By working with an experienced team, you can increase the chances someone will pick up your release. Then, you can start reaching more customers and generating more website traffic. You can boost leads, sales, and your ROI as a result!

On the fence about hiring a press release distribution company? Keep reading to discover the top benefits of working with professionals today.

1. Correct Formatting


If you decide to take the DIY route, you could make major mistakes while formatting your press release. If you’ve never written one before, consider hiring a press release company. They already understand what publications expect from press releases.

They’ll make sure your press release tells an interesting, compelling story.

However, it’s important to tell press releases from a journalistic approach, too. Writing in a journalistic style can take years of practice. You don’t have that kind of time.

Instead, hire an experienced, professional writer who understands how to write with publications in mind.

When writing press releases, you need to:

  • State the objective in a clear, concise way
  • Use the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Use proper grammar and style
  • Write in the inverted pyramid style

Writing in the inverted pyramid style puts the most important information at the top of the piece. If journalists need to trim down the release, they’ll start from the bottom.

The inverted pyramid writing style for press releases includes:

  • An engage lede that features the five Ws
  • A source to establish credibility
  • Essential information, including why the story matters
  • Quotes from credible resources
  • Additional information
  • The boilerplate
  • Contact information

You can hire a press release service to ensure your press release is written properly. Otherwise, journalists might toss it out.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

When writing a press release, you’ll need to write with your target audience in mind. Otherwise, journalists might not find your release relevant to their readers. They could toss your press release submission out.

Consider working with a press release distribution company with experience in your industry.

They already have an understanding of who your customers are. They can even gather demographic research to understand your customers further. Your press release writing team can pinpoint the problems your customers are experiencing.

Then, they can write your press release to demonstrate how your business provides a solution.

It’s important to understand your audience before you start writing. Otherwise, publications and readers won’t consider the piece newsworthy.

3. A Stronger Pitch

It’s not enough to draft a well-written press release. You’ll also need to create a strong pitch. Otherwise, your press release submission won’t stand out from the stack.

Your press release company will already have an intimate understanding of what publications expect. They can write your pitch with each publication in mind.

Otherwise, your headline might not grab the journalist’s attention. If it doesn’t grab their attention, it won’t interest consumers, either.

You might have an important, newsworthy piece, but fail to get it published because of your pitch.

Instead of risking the chance your release will get tossed out, work with a press release distribution company. They can save you valuable time and effort in the long run.

4. Accurate Editing

Neglecting to properly edit your press release could get it tossed out, too. If journalists see a typo, they might not keep reading. You’ll miss your chance to distribute your press release as a result.

Editors are stringent. They consider AP style, tone, voice, grammar, and spelling when they look at your press release.

You’re busy enough running your business. It’s normal to make mistakes. By hiring a professional PR submission company, you won’t have to worry about rejections.

Your press release company will ensure your press releases include the proper grammar, spelling, style, and prose. With their help, you can avoid the rejection pile.

5. Quality Distribution Channels

If you take the DIY route, you might fail to choose the right distribution channels for your press release. By hiring a press release company, you won’t have to worry! They already have a strong network of distribution channels you can leverage.

They’ll even know which distribution channels best suit your brand. With their help, you can reach your target audience with ease.

If you send your press release to the wrong publication, however, they might think you’re the wrong fit. They could toss your press release out as a result.

Your press release service can help you cross-promote, too. They’ll ensure your press releases reach multiple platforms at once. With their help, you can expand your reach and boost brand awareness.

As brand awareness grows, brand recognition will, too. Consumers will have an easier time remembering your business.

The next time they need your product or service, they’ll recall reading your press release. You could have an easier time generating sales as a result.

6. Enhance With SEO

Working with a professional press release company can benefit your SEO efforts, too.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher on search engines like Google. As your ranking increases, you’ll appear in front of more customers. Improving your SEO strategy can help you:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Boost brand recognition
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Generate high-quality leads, conversions, and sales
  • Establish your credibility as a thought leader in the industry
  • Build brand trust and loyalty
  • Improve your ROI

In fact, nearly 70% of all activity online begins with a search engine. Unfortunately, the majority of users (75%) don’t look beyond the first page of results. A weak SEO ranking could impact your ability to reach customers online.

In order to boost your SEO ranking, you’ll need backlinks. Backlinks send readers from a publication website to your website. It’s important to gather backlinks from high-authority resources.

Their existing authority can help boost your authority. As you gain more high-quality backlinks, your SEO ranking will rise.

You’ll have an easier time reaching customers online as a result.

7. Establish Your Credibility

Working with a press release distribution agency can boost your credibility, too.

Your press release distribution service can help you appear on credible, industry-specific publications. Consumers already trust those news outlets. When you appear within those publications, you can leverage that existing brand trust.

Consumers will start trusting your business as a result.

You can also use press releases to remain transparent and honest with your target audience. Transparency can help you build brand trust as well.

Meanwhile, quality press releases can help your SEO ranking improve. As your ranking rises, you’ll appear ahead of competitors. A higher ranking can establish your credibility within the industry.

Consumers will start seeing you as a trustworthy thought leader. They could turn toward your business more often as a result.

8. Make Useful Connections

When sending out press releases, it helps to have connections you can leverage. If you don’t know any powerful journalists, you could struggle. Instead, consider finding a press release service.

Your press release distribution company already has these connections. They’ll know exactly who to send your press release to.

You can leverage those existing connections to get your press release published.

The next time you create a press release, the journalist you worked with will recognize your brand. You can continue leveraging that connection to get your releases published.

In fact, working with a press release distribution company can help you find multiple connections in the publishing industry.

9. Boost Brand Awareness

Half of all content marketing strategies are developed to boost product awareness. In fact, 84% of marketers are already using paid content distribution. If you fall behind, you could miss a chance to reach your customers.

You’ll struggle to generate brand awareness as a result.

Instead, consider working with a press release submission service. They can increase your chances of getting your release published. With their help, you can start boosting brand awareness.

As more people see your brand online, you can turn awareness into recognition.

10. Stand Out From the Stack

Journalists receive hundreds of press release submissions every day. You need a way to make sure your release stands out from the rest. If you lack experience creating press releases, don’t go the DIY route.

Instead, work with an experienced press release distribution team. They’ll know how to help your press release stand out from the stack.

You can increase your chances of getting published as a result.

Don’t DIY: 10 Benefits of Using a Press Release Company Over DIY

Don’t take the risk of going DIY. Instead, consider these benefits of working with a press release company. They can help you get published, boosting your brand awareness and more!

With their help, you can set your business up for growth and success.

Ready to get started? We’re happy to lend a hand.

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