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Controversy Isn’t Something to Avoid Like the Plague

October 22 2014

Eminem, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Zuckerberg; GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr., Rolling Stone, and Dove. What do all of these people and companies have in common? They’ve all used controversy to generate attention and bolster their brands to a new level. You could even argues that, without controversy, many of the names on that list would be unknown. Read More

Are You Pulling The Great Disappearing Act?

October 22 2014

A lot of times, executives can be shortsighted about their PR goals. For some people, the main objective is to land that story in a certain publication. That’s the finish line. Beyond that, they have no idea what to do next. So, when they finally do strike goal and earn the coverage they’ve been working so hard to get, they pull what I like to call The Great Disappearing Act. Read More

Your Press Releases’ Page Views are Overrated

October 21 2014

When it comes to measuring the success of your press releases, it’s often a bit tricky, but there are numerous metrics you can look at. From counting how many reporters actually covered the story to seeing how many interactions it received to monitoring traffic to your website, there are countless useful figures you can use to gauge the value of your press release. However, there is one press release metric that I find to be a little misleading and slightly overrated – page views. Read More

5 Incredibly Annoying Press Release Writing Habits

October 21 2014

There’s no glamour in writing press releases. It’s not sexy. It’s not terribly exciting, either. And there’s no fame and fortune waiting for a press release writer. But make no mistake, there absolutely is an art to writing great press releases. And when you’re competing against hundreds of other press releases trying to grab a reporter’s attention, you’d better hope you didn’t make any of these annoying mistakes when writing your release: Read More

Do Republished Press Releases Have Any Value?

October 20 2014

When you send a press release out using distribution services, in addition to making sure you press release gets in the hands of targeted reporters, one of the other things your service provider will do is send your press release out across different newswires and news sites that will republish your press release as-is in a special section of their website. Obviously, this isn’t the same as earned coverage whatsoever, but the real question is do republished press releases have any value? Read More

Different Press Releases Have Different Audiences

October 20 2014

John Steinbeck, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Grapes of Wrath, once said, “Your audience is one single reader. I have found that sometimes it helps to pick out one person-a real person you know, or an imagined person-and write to that one.” Read More

A Bad Press Release Doesn’t Get Better By Sending It Over And Over Again

October 17 2014

When asked the question, “What annoys you about press releases?” Yahoo! Finance’s Rick Newman said, “The ones sent to me 2, 3 4 times, as if I’ll be more likely to respond; sending irrelevant material multiple times doesn’t make it any more relevant.” Read More

How PR Calms Customers in a Turbulent World

October 16 2014

Just how important is public relations? To businesses it’s vital to staying relevant in a busy, fast-moving world. Most businesses would arguably go out of business without it, especially many of those that operate solely online. PR helps people become closer to the brands and businesses they frequent and makes a huge online world feel that much smaller.  Read More

5 Signs You’ve Run Your Campaign Into the Ground

October 15 2014

When your current campaign started, things were great. Customers were responding and you were bringing in new fans at an almost alarming rate. At some point, though, the fairy tale will end and you’ll have to make a decision on how to move forward.  Read More

Should You Focus on Likes or Shares on Facebook?

October 14 2014

There’s no reason for you to be on Facebook if you’re being ignored. So you decide to start venturing out and trying some new things, including some brand new material. But something occurs to you – should you try to get people to share this material, or concentrate more on gathering a ton of likes?  Read More