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When the topic of getting media coverage comes up, we spend all of our time talking about how to get said coverage, as if that’s the only thing you need to do. But the truth is that once you land that media coverage you so desire, your job isn’t over. It’s not time to sit back and celebrate yet. You still have some work to do.

Now you have to capitalize on this coverage, so you can make the very most of it and hopefully parlay it into something even bigger. How do you go about doing that?stick man or figure standing behind movie camera

Here are a few key things you should do after you get media coverage:

  1. Drive traffic to the story—Once you get featured in a story, you need to treat that content as if it were your own. That means you need to drive as much traffic to it as you possibly can. Share the link on all your social networking profiles. Highlight the story in your email newsletter. Link to it from your blog. Try to encourage others to share and link to the story. Promote! Promote! Promote!
  2. Put it on your website—One of the important things you should have on your website in your online news room is links to past media coverage. Posting these stories on your website does a few things. It builds credibility. It serves as a resource for reporters who will be covering your company in the future. And it shows the reporter who wrote the story that you’re sharing and promoting their work.
  3. Let the reporter know you’re promoting the story—After you’ve busted your butt driving traffic to the story, drop a note to the reporter to thank them for the coverage and to let them know you’ve been hard at work promoting the piece. If the story is successful and you helped make it so, the reporter will be much more likely to talk to you again in the future.

 What are some other important things to do after you get media coverage? Share your thoughts by commenting below. 

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