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The average office worker gets over 120 emails per day. If you’re sending out a press release via email to announce something about your business, you want it to make an impact so it stands out among the rest. A press release should be more thanpress release sitean announcement — it’s a way to invite media members to learn more about your company and what you want to share.

Once you’ve crafted your press release, the next step is press release distribution. Using a press release site instead of sending it out yourself is an effective way to ensure it gets in front of as many relevant media members as possible.

This guide will go over how to choose the best press release distribution site for your upcoming press release.

What Is a Press Release?

Before we get started on talking about how and where to distribute your press release, let’s discuss how to write a press release. A press release is a compelling document that showcases a newsworthy story about your company. You can send it to media outlets, bloggers, and local news outlets in the hopes that they’ll cover your news.

Some of the reasons your company might send out a press release include:

  • New product announcement
  • Crisis management
  • New staff member introduction
  • Merger

The story that you tell in your press release should be newsworthy and sent to individuals who would be interested in it. The more relevant the media member, the more likely they’ll be to actually cover the news.

How Do I Send Out a Press Release?

There are two a few ways you can distribute a press release. One way is for you to send the press release directly to media members. That involves scouring the internet for websites that would be interested in your news and locating their contact information.

Another common way to send out a press release is by using a press release submission site. A press release submission site enables you to publish your press release directly on their website. Journalists can head to this website to look for stories.

You can find both free and paid press release submission websites. The free submission websites are fairly basic. If you’re hoping to earn a widespread amount of media coverage from the top or mid-tier websites then a free site isn’t the way to go.

With a paid press release submission website, you’re paying to access their established channels and contacts. The websites have worked to build and update countless media contacts so you don’t have to do the work. All you do is upload your press release into the segments they’ve created and they handle the rest.

How Do I Submit a Press Release?

Utilizing a submission site is fairly straightforward. You upload your press release and then select what services and tracking tools you want to be included. If the website is quality, it will have more effective and user-friendly tools.

The cost of using their services depends on what is included in the package you purchase. However, you’re probably saving money instead of using your own time and effort to look for media contacts.

How Do Journalists Use Press Releases From Submission Websites?

The press release you wrote will appear verbatim on the press release website you submitted to. It’s then sent to relevant media organizations and news outlets.

Media members can publish the press release “as is” on their websites. This means they essentially copy and paste your release.

Sometimes a journalist will write an article about your announcement. They’ll use the information and/or quotes from your press release in their article.

Track the Performance of Your Press Release

There are many ways to measure the performance of your press releases. If your news got covered on a top-tier website, there are a few metrics you can evaluate.

Publication reach, or impressions, will give you a rough idea of how big of an audience saw your news. It’s not a completely reliable metric, since a smaller media outlet can sometimes have a more distinguished target reader.

Another metric you’ll want to monitor is domain authority. This depends on whether or not you received a do-follow backlink. Backlinks increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines.

The higher your domain authority score, the more authority you have. This will help boost your website in the search engine results pages.

Additionally, if you got a backlink from your submission, you’ll also get referral traffic. That metric will tell you how many visitors you got to your website from that article. This will clearly show you how your target audience has engaged with your press release.

The Benefits of Using a Press Release Submission Website

Press release submission websites get your press release reviewed and sent out very quickly. You don’t have to take the time to review media contacts and dig for their contact information. You’ll also get immediate access to journalists at the largest media companies.

Additionally, some of the websites allow you to target specific industries or niches. That ensures that your press release gets in front of media members who are interested in what you have to say. Many press release submission websites also syndicate your release, which means you’ll get in front of even more media members.

Trust in the Most Professional Press Release Site

Finding the right press release site can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team at eReleases has been in the business for years. We have the expertise to craft a high-quality press release and help you maximize your media coverage.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your press release distribution.

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