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Letterpress TrustTrust. It’s something you’re always trying to gain … especially in this new online marketplace where customers have a hard time trusting anybody.

With that in mind, you should constantly work to position yourself as someone who can be trusted … someone who others look up to because he knows what he’s talking about. The good news is achieving this is actually easier than you might think.

Here are 13 ways you can position yourself as a trusted resource. Please add your own tips to this list by leaving a comment.

1.     Article marketing still works – A lot of people are quick to write off article marketing as an outdated technique that doesn’t work anymore. I disagree. I think article marketing still works, and it offers many benefits. One of these benefits is that it increases your authority, helping you appear as an industry expert. Of course, the key is to write thoughtful, well-composed articles.

2.     Start your own blog – Millions of people read blogs every day. Blogs have become the main source of news and information for many people. If you don’t have a blog already, get one started up. Focus on writing unique content that draws readers in. In other words, don’t be a “me too” blogger.

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3.     Guest post on other blogs – Guest blogging acts as an endorsement from the other blogger. If they’re allowing you to post on their blog and to interact with their readers, they’re showing their faith in you because they believe you have something special to offer. Follow these tips for getting more guest blogging opportunities.

4.     Submit articles to industry publications – It’s one thing to publish articles to online directories, but it’s a whole other thing to get an article picked up in a magazine or trade journal. There’s just something about getting print coverage that really adds authority and credibility to your name.

5.     Get media coverage – Getting covered in the newspaper, on TV, or on the radio increases your exposure and positions you as a trusted resource in your niche. Press release distribution is the first step to getting good media coverage. I also recommend signing up for HARO, a daily newsletter with reporters looking for expert sources.

6.     Host a teleseminar – A teleseminar is basically an hour-long presentation given online. The speakers at these online seminars are usually accomplished industry experts who have something to teach the audience. Host your own teleseminar to build your authority.

7.     Offer a whitepaper or eBook – Not only does offering a free whitepaper or eBook download on your website allow you to highlight your expertise, but it also is helpful for building your email list. Ask for email addresses in exchange for the giveaway, and you can build a solid list for effective email marketing.

8.     Publish testimonialsTestimonials are unbiased, third party endorsements that let the world know you really do deliver on all your claims. Multiple case studies have shown that online customers are more likely to make a purchase when a company has testimonials on their website.

9.     Start podcasting – Podcasting allows you to reach an entirely new audience … and audience that wouldn’t normally read your blog. Check out all these top reasons you should be podcasting.

10.  Create a group – There are online groups for every topic imaginable. Start up a group for your subject of interest on Yahoo or LinkedIn. Just make sure if you actually create a group that you have the time to commit to interacting and moderating on it.

11.  Post your certifications and awards – Do you hold any special certifications that verify you’re an expert in your field? What about awards: have you been granted any special honors? If so, post these on your website. Let your customers know about them. They’ll trust you a lot more.

12.  Do your own studies – Release a report on an industry trend or surprising fact that nobody knows about. Doing your own studies can be time-consuming, but it can do a lot for positioning you as a trusted resource.

13. Teach a class – Distance education has become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are online classes for every subject you can think of. Consider teaching a class in your subject of expertise.

Help me make this list better. Leave a comment with your tips for positioning yourself as a trusted resource in your industry.

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Thanks Mickie, some great advice throughout.

I agree that people have been too quick to write off articles as a valid technique. I’ve had decent success with them over a period of time.


Thank you so much for this great article! The information is right on target for what I need right now. I am building my business as a life coach and these are some excellent pointers!

Thanks again
Shannon Buckley


It is good to see there are still people out there with a good level head that is not attempting to reinvent the wheel. All of your points are extremely good ones.


some very good points there, yes article marketing still works, both as a means to rank better and to get the article distributed to many other sources and earn the expert tag. The only thing is that it dose not works like it used to, i mean submitting the same duplicate article in another 100 article directories… that does not works. One has to submit quality and unique article to get the value.

about the other things you mentioned, press release is surely a great way to reach the mass, which includes a possible inclusion of google news, tv and print media which is a bit harder but depending on the release, it too is possible.

among other things you mentioned, podcasting or teaching a class is not easy for everyone and giving away ebooks will also require the extra work, however about starting a group, why not just start a group or a fan page on facebook, that surely works.

This actually brought me to think why you haven’t mentioned social media as a method to establish yourself as a trusted source?


Thank you for the list. It was nice to get validation that I’m blindly doing some of the right things.

Except I don’t like #11. In real life, we’re so inundated with people who are self promoting that I’ve literally developed phobias about blatant stuff like that.


Also it helps to immerse your time in communicating with your audience. If someone comments on your blog… comment back, build up relationships.


Good insights on how to create trust and credibility online.


Good tips – but guest blogging has never been easy till Ann started myblogguest.com.
Podcasting and E-Books are also getting Passe!
Now its all about social media and social media.


Great article, I would like to add that another tip is to always be open for new information. Once you are a trusted resource, you need to stay resourcefull and not be narrow minded about what you already know.


I assume you are going to take pleasure in this! We dunno how i ended up on this page, however i need to point out that produced for a handful of thrilling reading via several thanks.


Bloggers like to recognize while the items they compose has elicited a psychological


Virtually all of my questions continue to become answered. cheers


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