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UPDATE: On July 9, 2013, Genesis One, Inc. issued a second press release and as of this update (3 weeks later) that press release had received over 13,000 views. This shows that the approach that Genesis One used can produce repeatable results. In other words, the huge amount of traffic that their press releases are receiving is not a fluke, but a result of the supporting actions of Genesis One. Anyone who is truly interested in increasing visibility and recognition for their company should pay very close attention to the methods described below.

On June 4, 2013, Genesis One, Inc. issued a press release via eReleases / PR Newswire to announce a new product, the T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler.

Wait – what on earth does a “T-SQL blah blah blah” have to do with me?
If that product sounds difficult to understand to you, I agree!

But this story is not about the product. Instead, it’s about what happened with this one press release. And it can apply to anybody.

GenesisOne got some truly great results, including over 20,000 visits to the release (most of them on the version published on eReleases.com, which you can see here), and over 50,000 visits to their own site.

From the client:
Roman Iospa, Chief Marketing Officer of GenesisOne Inc. wrote to us about their approach to PR.  Most of our clients can benefit enormously by taking note! Roman writes:

Planning / Preparation
Our release of GenesisOne T-SQL Unscrambler was a major milestone for our company, for which we have been planning for quite some time.  Prior to release of the product we’ve set up various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Google+ and more).

We have also joined a number of relevant Networks, Forums and Online Groups, relevant to SQL developers and software project managers.

In addition we have prepared an email list of potential targeted customers that we have been in discussion with throughout the development stage. Lastly, we had an internal memo sent out to all of our team members about the launch.

Execute Plan AFTER Publication
As GenesisOne T-SQL Unscrambler Release news came out live via eReleases – we went to work!

  1. We asked all of our team members to email and share the news with their personal networks and friends. 
  2. We submitted this news to our company social networks and groups.
  3. We emailed the news to our potential clients and investors.
  4. We sent this release to a number of editors within the industry.
  5.  Since eReleases  provided a list of sites where the release was syndicated (close to 400 in our chosen categories) we visited these sites and either Liked via Facebook and re-Tweeted, +1’ed..etc., each and every site.
  6. We added all these links to our News Page: https://www.genesisonesolutions.com/press_releases

The ball started rolling….

We have begun to get traction from Industry Leaders, Online Journals..etc., for ex: Article from Dr.Dobbs Report:  – where after seeing our release they wrote an article about our T-SQL Unscrambler Tool – From GenesisOne To Unscrambled Code Revelation

Getting such great reviews by the third party media is priceless and is a major reason why a company of any size would and should put out a press release.

As a result of all of these efforts – 2 weeks later we have been able to put out another press release via eReleases with a major development, where we have signed a partnership / distribution contract with the biggest software reseller ComponentSource which has over 1 Million clients! See this release here: GenesisOne Inc. Partners with ComponentSource; GenesisOne, Revolutionizing “Big Data” Automates Source Code Data Flow Visualization for SQL Server

To sum it up, us using eReleases for PR distribution was a perfect choice and we’re looking forward to using this great tool to reach higher highs and close bigger deals.  We’ll keep you updated with another press release 😉

As a side note: the eReleases team (Hi, Allison) was great in helping us to set up our first and second release and despite the fact that I’m pretty familiar with online PR world – their help surely added to our success.

I strongly suggest to all companies large or small to take advantage of this service and not to undermine the power of press releases…. Let the clients find you!!!

Roman’s Most Important Advice
But don’t just put out your pr and sit back – we didn’t and got close to 50,000 hits to our website and 20,000 hits to our press release on eReleases.

If you read this and it helped you and your company, I’d love to hear all about it.  Just google me 😉

Thank you and Best of Luck to All!

Roman Iospa, CMO GenesisOne Inc.

Thanks, Roman.

Wow, this company really “gets it”.

So many of our clients send one or two press releases, and after they just sit back, and their business is not transformed, they decide that “press releases don’t work”. One-shot success like that rarely happens.

Roman understood that,  and he created a great plan to do everything possible to build on his press release.

Will this type of practice make every press release a resounding success like this one?
Almost certainly not.  But doing what Roman did, and understanding that getting the word out to media is an ongoing process, not a single event, will greatly increase the odds of achieving PR success.

Permanent hosting = Continual traffic
This press release is hosted permanently on eReleases.com, so Genesis One can continue to receive traffic for week, months, and years into the future.

And as they build their press release strategy in the future, the GenesisOne eNewsroom ( https://www.ereleases.com/pr/author/genesis-one ) will also attract traffic and provide an excellent company news summary in coming months.

PR Newswire reaches out to HUNDREDS of news sites
Because of eReleases’ relationship with PR Newswire, this press release was also published on over 300 news sites. Here are screenshots from just a few:

The Boston Globe Boston.com
On Wall St. Journal’s MarketWatch MarketWatch
Reuters Reuters
Yahoo! Finance Yahoo! Finance

(Click each thumbnail above for direct access to the press release on the news site itself.) GenesisOne’s press release reached hundreds of newspapers and journalists. More than 300 of them picked up the GenesisOne release and published it on their website.

Boost your credibility instantly
This can bring instant publicity, and better, credibility, for just about any business. For anyone interested in boosting their brand or creating traffic, that’s worth a lot!

GenesisOne’s press release was able to get massive attention, traffic, and lots of buzz! How about you?

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