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What Are the Essential Elements of a Press Release?

May 17 2022

essential elements of a press release

About 14% of small businesses fail due to poor marketing. In fact, 50% of small businesses only survive for at least five years. If you want to set your business up for success, you need to learn how to write a press release.

Press releases will help you generate brand awareness and website traffic. It can also help you control how consumers perceive your brand.

Not sure how to write a release? Here are the essential elements of a press release you’ll need to include in your draft. With these tips, you can learn how to write an online press release journalists will want to publish. Read More

Media Alert vs. Press Release: What Are the Differences?

May 12 2022

media alert vs. press release

Recent research shows that 92% of marketers find content to be a valuable asset for their businesses. With press releases being an important facet of content output for many businesses, it’s important to know what they are – and how they differ from media alerts. In this guide, we lay out the key things you need to know when it comes to media alert vs. press release.

Once you know exactly what both of these techniques are, you can use them to the best advantage possible for your business. Whilst different, they are both effective ways of giving your company that much desired boost. Read More

News Release vs. Press Release: What are the Differences?

May 05 2022

news release vs. press release

Press Releases vs. News Releases

News release vs. press release: what is the variation between the two? Contrary to what many may believe, these terms aren’t actually interchangeable. As a business, knowing the difference between the two is key to your public relations marketing strategy.

At eReleases, our goal is to help businesses of all sizes thrive in their respective industries. Here, we use our knowledge of PR to inform you of the difference between news and press releases. Also, we explain how each type of release can help promote your business. Read More

Why Write Press Releases? What Is the Goal of Press Releases?

April 28 2022

Over 90% of marketers say content is a valuable business asset. Meanwhile, nearly 80% of content marketers incorporate press releases into their content marketing strategies. Why write press releases, though?

Read on to find out in this press release guide! After discovering the top press release benefits, you can determine if it’s time to add releases to your marketing strategy, too. Then, you can discover new ways to boost brand awareness and sales.

Read on to discover the top benefits of creating press releases today!

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Distributing Press Releases: How Does It Work

March 29 2022

distributing press releases

Distributing press releases isn’t just a helpful marketing tool just for big-name celebrities or huge corporations. The truth is that most business owners could benefit from sending out releases at the right time.

When a press release is used the right way, you can spread the word about new products and services, improve SEO, and even get a little local coverage. The trick to making it all happen is having the right distribution plan.

If you’re new to the world of press releases, we will teach you a bit about how distribution works and why a press release service can be just what you need. Read More

How to Distribute Press Release the Easy Way: A Guide

March 22 2022

distribute press release

Nearly 80% of marketers are adding press releases to their content marketing strategies. Press release distribution can help you reach your target audience. You can boost brand awareness, website traffic, leads, and sales.

Not sure how to distribute press release materials? Here are a few tips that can help.

Neglecting to distribute press releases the proper way might end with your releases getting tossed out. Instead, set yourself up for success with these tips today! Read More

Distribution Press Release: What Are the Benefits?

March 15 2022

distribution press release

Nearly 80% of content marketers already incorporate press releases into their content marketing strategies. A press release distribution  service can help your content appear on more outlets than ever before. Without press releases, however, you might struggle to reach customers online.

On the fence about finding a press release service this year? Here are a few benefits to consider first.

Reviewing the benefits of press release distribution services can help you make an informed choice. Read on to learn how press releases can help your business succeed today! Read More

How to Choose Press Releases Distribution Services: A Guide

March 08 2022

press releases distribution

Over 80% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. In fact, 60% say content can help generate leads and demand. Content creation is the most outsourced content marketing activity among marketers, too.

Creating and distributing your own press releases can feel stressful and time-consuming. Instead, consider a press releases distribution service this year.

Not sure who to hire? Use these tips to find the best press release service today! Read More

4 Press Release Samples for a Product Launch

February 25 2022

press release samples

Press releases are published, on average, between 500 and 1,000 times per day on newswire services. Most of the time, local and national outlets will simply ignore most of these releases. So, for yours to gain coverage, it needs to tick all the boxes. Writing a great press release can be complicated though, and most media professionals start out by using press release samples.

They can help you learn ways to navigate media landscapes and get people’s attention. Without that, people may not know your product even exists. Read More

What Can a Press Releases Service Provider Do For Your Business?

February 04 2022

press releases service

Earned media is the most long-lasting and credible media type in digital marketing. One tool that will give you a front foot in the world of earned media is a killer press release.

However, writing a well-crafted press release and ensuring it reaches the relevant media is not easy. You will need a press release service provider to court journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Read More