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What Is a Press Release and Why Is It Important? A Guide

December 21 2021

what is a press release

According to research, 63% of global respondents claim press releases are the preferred method of new conveyance. Additionally, 44% of journalists agree that they trust press releases the most. They go on to add that press releases are their most trustworthy source when it comes to brand-related information. So, what is a press release? Read More

Sending Press Releases: How Does It Work?

December 14 2021

sending press releases

Do you have a product launch or an upcoming newsworthy event on which you want to get media attention? One of the best ways to secure coverage from relevant media is by sending a press release. By framing your news story in a captivating way, you’ll gain media attention and, hopefully, get journalists to post an article about it. Read More

Press Release Sample: What Should a Press Release Look Like?

December 07 2021

press release sample

Major press release distribution sites release nearly 1,000 press releases a day. During busy news cycles, this number can skyrocket even more. Because there are so many press releases knocking on journalists’ doors every day it’s important that you make your press release stand out and be impactful. Read More

How Often Should You Send a Press Release?

November 18 2021

send a press release

As an industry tycoon, business owner, or member of the media it’s important to know a way to get a journalist’s attention and get your brand recognized. Although you may not always have cutting-edge news, it’s important to constantly be building a rapport with journalists. This means that when your releases hit their inbox your name is familiar. Read More

How Does a Business Press Release Differ From Advertising?

November 11 2021

business press release

Branding is an essential part of a business, with 77 percent of marketers stating that it’s a critical factor in future growth. Every enterprise needs to create a brand around which business advertisements will revolve. Read More

8 Factors to Consider Adding When Creating Press Release Headlines

November 09 2021

press release headlines

If you’re trying to write press release headlines, you know it’s a cutthroat world out there! For small businesses, there is so much competition that all of your content needs to be top-notch. Read More

How Long Should a Press Release Be? The Ultimate Guide

November 05 2021

Release the beast. More than 270,000 Americans work as public relations specialists. One of their main jobs is to write press releases. 

Yet thousands of others have written releases for their companies and non-profits. When you are writing a press release, you have to write one that stands out from the rest. But that isn’t always easy. 

Read More

What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

November 04 2021

types of press releases

There are many different types of press releases, and industries are relearning what appeals to the public. Last year, the infectious disease industry reported a more than 3,000 percent increase in press releases. Read More

11 Tips for Choosing a Press Release Newswire

November 02 2021

press release newswire

How much more revenue could your business generate from the exposure to millions of potential customers? Read More

11 Benefits of Publishing a Press Release

October 26 2021

publishing a press release

Are you wondering whether or not it makes sense to publish a press release? In short, the answer is a definitive “yes.” No matter how great your products or services are, you need a way to inform consumers about them. That’s where a press release comes into the equation. Press releases are worth the time and effort no matter what industry you’re operating in. Still not sure? Keep on reading to see 11 benefits of publishing a press release. Read More