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5 Google+ Hangout Ideas for Small Business

January 09 2017

Ever had a situation with a customer that really wasn’t resolved via email? Perhaps you needed to be able to chat with them face to face in order to figure out the best way to resolve their situation? This situation pops up for many small business owners and employees, most often when there isn’t time to drive to where the customer’s location. Thankfully, we have Google+ Hangouts, where you can video chat with your customers at any time from a computer, tablet, smartphone. Read More

A Pinterest Business Account: Why You Should Have One

December 26 2016

It seems like everyone is on Pinterest these days. Whether it’s finding that perfect recipe or planning your dream house, Pinterest is a great way to gather all of your ideas in one place. It’s also a great place to gain new customers and make a little money. If you don’t already have a Pinterest Business account or if you have been using your personal one for your work, here are a few reasons to get one. Read More

Need Some Inspiration? 15 Great Quotes to Motivate You

December 12 2016

Are you having a blah day? Struggling to find the motivation to get started on your work? We all have these days. You wake up in the morning, ready to tackle the day, but after that first cup of coffee you just stare blankly at your computer screen. Read More

How to Promote Your Content Marketing with Press Releases

October 31 2016

What are the best practices for content promotion? Obviously, we include social media sharing, SEO, digital advertising, as well as cross promotion across websites, social media pages, and through email. These are all great ways to get the word out about the valuable content that you have to offer. However, there might be another way to get an edge on the competition and that’s through the use of press releases. Using a wire service helps you to reach new audiences and builds relationships with journalists or influencers in your industry. Read More

7 Press Release Ideas for Any Industry

October 03 2016

Most of the time finding a topic for a press release is easy—your company has a new product coming out or is increasing the services offered. Other times finding something to write about is difficult. You want to get some press for your company, but don’t want to waste anyone’s time with fluff. So what are some good ideas for any industry? Let’s take a look: Read More

5 Reasons You Should Show Personality in a Press Release

September 19 2016

We have talked a lot about making sure that your press release is concise and easy to read and understand. Journalists, bloggers, and other writers don’t have a lot of time to read lengthy prose on your news, however, that doesn’t mean it needs to be a “just the facts” piece with no excitement to it. There are several ways to breathe new life into your press release AND keep it short and sweet. Read More

3 Ideas for Creatively Formatting Your Press Release

September 19 2016

The whole purpose of the press release is for a company, organization or individual to be able to share what’s happening in their world with the public. Often, the information is creative, insightful, and useful—people will really want to know what your press release has to say. Unfortunately for all you creative types out there, press releases must follow the standard AP (Associated Press) format. This format makes it easy for journalists to pick out important information, contact the writer, and publish it. This is not the time to use the Curlz font or to forget to include a quote. Read More

Effects Poor Corporate Ethics Can Cause Your Company

September 05 2016
Corporate ethics puzzle
Corporate ethics puzzle

Ethical misconduct in any company can lead to very serious consequences which can cause the company time and money in trying to repair their business reputation and any legal issues that may arise depending on the severity of the situation. Integrity breakdown can dramatically cost a business millions of dollars and even prison time in some extremely serious cases. In order to really protect your company from an ethical misconduct scandal, you need to incorporate a management plan in order to stay on top of any unethical practices within the corporate environment. To do this you must first understand the effects that poor corporate ethics can cause to your company in order to setup barriers to help prevent something like this occurring. This expert guide will give you inside advice on the major effects that ethical misconduct can cause to your company. But first: Read More

Refresh Your Ideas: 7 Ideas to Update Old Content

August 22 2016

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to refresh or reuse your blog content from time to time. First off, updating content takes a lot less time than creating an original post from scratch. Second, if your audience as grown over the life of your blog, most people haven’t seen this earlier post so it’s brand new to them. Third, if you’ve changed your mind or new research has come out about your topic, it’s always wise to update your previous thoughts. Because of the way SEO works, people searching specifically for the topic(s) mentioned in your blog may still stumble across it even if it is years old. It’s in your best interest to make sure that the article is accurate and reflects your true feelings. Read More

How to Get Better Media Coverage for Your Release

August 08 2016

Anyone familiar with marketing their business will recognize that frustrating moment when they wish someone would pay attention to their press release. Sometimes the lack of attention is attributed to something as simple as not having an attention grabbing headline or focusing on the wrong media outlet. It doesn’t mean the press release isn’t newsworthy, just that you haven’t framed it in the right way to catch the eye. Read More