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8 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Press Release Service

March 15 2021
press release service

A press release is a short and engaging news story that is sent to the media. It aims to capture the interest of a journalist, publication, or distribution channel, in the hopes that they will write or talk about it. That way, the news contained in the press release gets as much coverage as possible. This can be a hugely powerful and effective form of marketing for individuals and businesses. Working with a press release service can transform your business. Read More

Press Releases and SEO: What Are the Links Between the Two?

March 14 2021
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Do you need to boost your SEO as well as your brand’s authority at the same time? It may be time to consider press releases. Although press releases may seem like they have nothing to do with online marketing, they actually have more overlap than you initially realize. Read More

5 Signs Your Business Should Hire a Press Release Company

March 09 2021
press release company

Are you looking for ways to ensure that your company’s brand remains intact? Do you need a way of improving the press releases that your company has? If so, then you need to hire a press release company to oversee it all.

Doing so can unlock a plethora of benefits for your company and its brand. It gives you high-quality content, improves your media coverage, and establishes a good reputation that you and your company can build on.  Read More

Writing for the Future: The Top Features of a Success-Driving Press Release

March 08 2021
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Having your brand featured in a major media publication can mean thousands of dollars in sales. But how do you generate awareness about your business? And how do you encourage journalists to write about your products or services? You write effective and attention-grabbing press releases.  Read More

Press Releases: DIY or Hire an Expert?

March 02 2021
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Only 70% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Without fresh content, you could miss out on a change to reign in new customers. About 84% of companies outsource their content creation to generate fresh leads. You could save yourself valuable time and energy by working with a professional team. Outsourcing press releases to a marketing agency can benefit your entire brand. Read More

How to Make Press Releases Meaningful in the Age of the Coronavirus

February 24 2021
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Have you ever read a bad press release? Have you ever written a bad press release? It makes you squirm, wishing that the company understood you, or you receive bad feedback from your audience if you’re the one writing it. 

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Comparing Press Release Distribution Services: Everything You Need to Know

February 09 2021
press release distribution services

Press releases are an efficient way for a business of any size to get information about a new company announcement, product, or any other piece of exciting news out to the media. Blasting out a release to media will help your company get wider exposure as editors write about your product. 

If you’re not a public relations professional, knowing who to target with your news can be a difficult task. It can require a lot of research on your part to find media that would be interested in your news. 

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Notice Us, Please! The Best Practices for Crafting a Media Pitch

February 05 2021
media pitch

If you have an upcoming product announcement, interview opportunities with members of your company, or something you think is really captivating that you want the media to write about, a media pitch may be something you want to consider. 

Writing a press release might have been the first thing you thought of doing, but not all news requires one. A press release is generally written in an unbiased way about the piece of news it is talking about. However, a media pitch is a more persuasive “letter” that includes just a brief glimpse about what news you want them to be interested in.  

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The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style for Press Releases: What You Need to Know

February 01 2021
inverted pyramid

Want to write a press release that secures readers’ attention?

A study published in 2019 suggests that people’s attention span is becoming shorter. Excess device usage, apps, and media can make it difficult to maintain a user’s attention.

If you want readers to absorb the important info you wish to convey in a press release, it must fit into a narrow window. This means that journalists and content creators must structure attention-grabbing and efficient information. Lucky for you, there’s a reliable method to do exactly that.

The inverted pyramid style of writing is a proven way to deliver news in a fast and efficient manner. It’s effective enough to even engage audiences into reading more. Read on because here’s what you need to know about this writing style.

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Don’t Sweat It! A Complete Guide to Sending a Press Release

January 28 2021
sending a press release

Did you know that the median number of clicks a press release gets is zero? This is extremely disheartening for those of us who spend our time making press releases.

You may think that press releases aren’t as exciting as they once were. But, the real problem is that people don’t understand how to send a press release for today’s audience.

If you’re looking to learn how to send a press release the right way, keep reading. We’re going to let you in on everything you need to know when it comes to press releases.

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