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13 Signs of Quality Press Release Writing Services

press release writing services
October 10 2023

In today’s evolving and fast-paced digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to use every resource to your advantage. But not everything needs to rely on high-tech methods to make an impact. The humble press release is a... Read More

How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Press Releases

nonprofit companies
September 24 2023

Companies use press releases all the time to make their company and message more visible to the public, investors, and their employees. But should nonprofit companies consider press releases? Absolutely! They’re a powerful tool that... Read More

Writing a Press Release for Your New Business

writing a press release
September 20 2023

The time has finally arrived! After months, maybe years, of careful planning and sleeping nights, your company is ready for the next step. It’s time for your company to step into the spotlight and make its grand entrance into the world. Your... Read More

PR Press Release Promotional Ideas

pr press release
September 15 2023

Looking to stand out in today’s saturated business world? Consider distributing a PR press release. A well-crafted press release can help businesses create a buzz, promote brand awareness, and drive sales. Whether it’s a product launch, a... Read More

How to Handle Negative Publicity

negative publicity
September 08 2023

Some people like to say that all publicity is good publicity, but any small business owner knows that this isn’t true. Negative publicity can be a disaster for a blossoming business, and you need to get ahead of it as soon as possible. Negative... Read More

Media List Example and Tools: How to Build a Media List

media list example
August 27 2023

Did your company just put together a press release in the hopes of getting some coverage for a new product or service? This press release isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have a media list set up. A media list, which can also... Read More

You Sent a Press Release, Now What? Creative Promotions Inside

creative promotions
August 20 2023

The global PR market is worth around 100 billion dollars in the US. A press release is necessary if you want to get ranked as the most trustworthy source by the media. According to Business Wire, nearly 90% of journalists admitted to checking press... Read More

Social Media PR: How to Turn a Press Release Into Social Media Posts

social media pr
August 13 2023

Social media is a must for businesses of all sizes. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook connect consumers with new companies, drive website traffic, and provide endless branding opportunities. If you’re not used to creating social media... Read More

News Release vs. Press Release: What Are the Differences?

media alert vs press release
August 06 2023

Imagine you have an important announcement to make to the world. You have your message ready, but what’s the best way to deliver it? The decision between a media alert vs press release might seem trivial, but it can make or break your... Read More

How to Write a Partnership Press Release (+ Examples)

partnership press release
July 21 2023

What is a Partnership Press Release? A partnership press release is a formal communication issued to the media in the form of a press release by one or more companies to announce a new partnership or collaboration between them. This type of press... Read More