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What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

November 04 2021

types of press releases

There are many different types of press releases, and industries are relearning what appeals to the public. Last year, the infectious disease industry reported a more than 3,000 percent increase in press releases. Read More

11 Tips for Choosing a Press Release Newswire

November 02 2021

press release newswire

How much more revenue could your business generate from the exposure to millions of potential customers? Read More

11 Benefits of Publishing a Press Release

October 26 2021

publishing a press release

Are you wondering whether or not it makes sense to publish a press release? In short, the answer is a definitive “yes.” No matter how great your products or services are, you need a way to inform consumers about them. That’s where a press release comes into the equation. Press releases are worth the time and effort no matter what industry you’re operating in. Still not sure? Keep on reading to see 11 benefits of publishing a press release. Read More

11 Tips for Writing a Business Press Release

October 19 2021

business press release

Journalists receive thousands of press releases every day. You may wonder if a business press release is still relevant in the digital age. The truth is, a considerable percentage of journalists look at press releases each day to get inspiration for their articles. The evolvement of the press release over the years means it is still relevant in the online landscape. Read More

How to Grow Your Brand Authority and Reach With a News Release

September 23 2021

news release

Over 70% of marketers say content marketing has quantifiably improved prospect engagement. Meanwhile, 66% of customers agree that companies should make it easier to access their content. Read More

What’s a Call to Action and Why Is It Important for My Press Release?

September 16 2021

what's a call to action

The most common function of a successful press release is to promote something significant by getting media attention. Press releases are also important marketing tools. Read More

Headline Writing: Our Best Tips and Tricks for Effective PR Headlines

September 09 2021

headline writing

It might be the shortest sentence in your entire press release, but your headline is undoubtedly one of the most important. In fact, some might say that it’s more important than the actual press release itself. Read More

What Sets the Best Press Release Service Apart From the Rest?

September 02 2021

best press release service

Have you considered the importance of press releases to your marketing strategy? Read More

How a Well Structured Press Release Will Boost Your Business Growth

August 26 2021

business growth

About 80% of consumers prefer to learn about a business through custom content. Without a content marketing strategy, you could miss a chance to reach customers. It’s not enough to start blogging, though. Read More

How to Build Positive Relationships With the Media

August 19 2021

media relationships

The worldwide public relations market is expected to register an annual compound growth rate of 10.2% in 2021. The massive growth comes as businesses strive to recover from the COVID-19 effect. And there is no better way to reach the public than through media relationships. Read More