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How to Create an Action Plan for Your Content Marketing

March 12 2018

As more and more companies turn to content marketing to reach new clients, the time has come for existing marketing plans to get reworked in order to stay ahead of the competition. Creating an action plan for your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be as short as one page. A simple action plan lays out the goals for your company, your target audience, and where you plan to focus your efforts. Read More

Perfect Timing: Press Release and Journalists

February 12 2018

In life, they say, timing is everything. You have to pay attention or you end up missing opportunities. The same is said for public relations. For this article, we will examine how timing is everything when it comes to sending press releases and why you should have a relationship with the journalists and other writers you contact. Read More

How to get Your Local Company in the Local Press

January 15 2018

Congratulations on having a successful company! You make doing business and making money look easy, and that ISN’T easy. Read More

10 Tips for Writing a Converting Sales Page

December 11 2017

Everyone says that they have “the perfect formula” for writing a great sales page that will move visitors into making a purchase. If “everyone” does have the perfect formula, who do you trust? It can be hard to make decisions about how to write the copy and the call to action. Where you put each piece of the page really needs to be a reflection of your company and how you interact with your customers. Here are 10 must-haves when it comes to writing a converting sales page: Read More

Make a Press Release Shareable: 7 Ideas

November 10 2017

Have you ever spent a lot of time on a press release? You labor over word choice and phrases, have it edited and re-edited, only to find that once it’s out there—it doesn’t get shared? It’s a common struggle for businesses and nonprofits who know that their release contains valuable information, if only people would see it. Read More

The Art of the Giveaway: Making It Work on Any Platform

August 14 2017

Everyone likes free stuff, right? But not every business will create the perfect giveaway, the one where everyone wants to participate. So what sets the great giveaways apart from the mediocre ones and how do you successfully create a giveaway each time? Not to mention, how do you make a giveaway work no matter what platform you use? Read More

Free Content: What to Make and Why

July 17 2017

Have you been wondering what to offer your customers on your website? What content would make them stay just a bit longer on your site? There are plenty of types of free content out there and the answer to these questions really depends on your audience. You know them best and could determine whether they might be more interested in a how-to guide, a podcast, or a webinar. Don’t forget that you can reuse content you create in multiple ways—write a how-to guide then make a video about it or expand it and turn it into an eBook. Read More

5 Ideas to Transform Your Website in 2017

June 14 2017

Ahh! Nothing like the New Year to get the creative juices flowing and to blow the dust off the old website. You might have been keeping a list of things you’d like to incorporate into your new site, if you ever got around to updating it. Or you might have seen some other websites and noticed how clean and well-designed they seem. Read More

Creating the Perfect Social Media Measurement Plan

May 15 2017

Have you ever wondered just how much good your social media marketing was doing for your business? You put all this effort into crafting the perfect post or tweet and then pay to turn it into an ad, but you aren’t really sure whether all the time and money are paying off in the long run. This is why a good social media marketing plan should always go hand in hand with a social media marketing measurement plan. You need to know exactly what’s working for your company and what’s not so you don’t have to fool around. Read More

Contacting Bloggers and Journalists: A How To

April 10 2017

The nice thing about contacting bloggers and journalists is that the basics of reaching out to them are the same as if you were reaching out to a friend. First off, you want to personalize your greeting. You wouldn’t reach out a friend with a Dear (Insert Name Here) or you would have a very confused friend. You also wouldn’t reach out a friend with some random, off the wall request that had nothing to do with them. The same is said for journalists and bloggers, you want to know what interests them and what they write about BEFORE you consider sending them a pitch or a press release. Read More