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Employees – Hiring, Training, Leading – is this Boring Or…?

December 11 2018

Below are some thoughts on employees, and the “boring” work of creating a business that succeeds with both engaged customers and employees – enjoy! Read More

More About Customers – Love On ‘Em, Talk To ‘Em

November 27 2018

Make Every Day Feel Like Customer Appreciation Day

Often the “Customer Appreciation Day/Week/Month” can come across as a corny way to get people inside your store to buy more stuff. If done right, though, even if they think that’s what you’re doing, they’ll still feel like you’re not taking them for granted. They feel special whether they want to or not.  Read More

Customer Love, Customer Hate, and PR

November 13 2018

Don’t Take Your Customers For Granted
When a business owner first starts out, you treasure each and every customer. Heck, each and every transaction is like a small miracle to you, as that money is like your life’s blood. Read More

Email – Forgotten Communication Powerhouse

October 30 2018

Boring old email – like the press release, many pundits have declared it dead…I beg to differ! It is true that other modes of communication, like texting, instant messaging, Twitter, etc., have proliferated. And it’s true that email “open rates” have declined.

But here at eReleases, email remains our primary means of communication, and likely the most important in “converting” prospective customers into new customers.  We have web chat available during office hours, and our phone is answered 24 x 7, but email communication is by far the most important way we serve many hundreds of customers each month.

I hope you enjoy the reviews below, where I cover email marketing, email customer service, and email pitching. Read More

PR Basics Based on Principles will Never Change

October 16 2018

In this modern world where change seems to be ever-accelerating, it is very easy to be distracted by some new PR technique or fad. While it’s vital to keep up with the times, don’t allow yourself to be overly distracted by any practice that is not backed up by common sense communication principles.  Below is some timeless PR advice that meets that standard: Read More

Press Release Errors that will Doom Your News to Failure

October 02 2018

I’ve written about press release errors to avoid – below are more PR failures that are all too common: Read More

Avoid these Fatal Press Release Errors

September 18 2018

I’ve maintained for years that most press releases simply go nowhere, but this fate is completely avoidable. Below you can review the main reasons press releases fail, some horror-show headlines, and a great example of a headline makeover! Read More

Improving Your Press Releases – It’s This Simple?

September 04 2018

Yes, you can greatly improve your press releases, it’s simple to get more media coverage and engagement. I didn’t say easy, it surely takes work and focus. But the basic principles of great PR are simple, because they’re based on common sense. Here are some great tips, thoughts about bosses and clients, and even the challenge of a one-sentence release: Read More

Press Releases, SEO, and Google’s Ever-Changing Search Algorithm

August 21 2018

If you are worried about how Google’s latest search algorithm will affect your press release, and exactly how to change your writing technique(s) in the face of Google’s SEO changes, stop right now. Many people obsess about this and spend loads of time adjusting their practices to fit what they read is Google’s latest change. Most of this time is Read More

How to Write a Press Release that Gets Journalists’ Attention

August 07 2018

Want to get journalists inquiries and responses with your press release? You should do the following: