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While you might consider social media to be the most useful method to get free press for your app, that’s not necessarily the case. A well written, highly targeted press release can grab the attention of both the traditional media (newspapers, magazines) and not-so traditional media (bloggers, ezines). With that in mind, I’ve composed a few tips for how you can use press releases to garner attention for the awesome app you just created.

Know How to Write a Good Press Release

First of all, as with any press release, you need to know standard rules on how to compose one. A few of the most important procedures to follow when writing up your press release for your app include:

  • Keep it brief – The people who you want reading your press release often view time as a commodity in short supply. So if they look at your press release and are struck by its length, then you’re in trouble. The idea is to get to the point as quickly as possible.
  • Describe your app – Without any fluff, describe exactly what your app does and include its key features. Remember, the reporter, editor, or whoever is reading the press release is looking for something different…something that will stand out enough to write a story on and get people reading.
  • Don’t sell them – A press release is not an advertisement. So save the call-to-action-driven copy for your marketing materials. Just convey the facts about your app in the press release.

Know Who to Target

Once you have an effectively written press release, it will do you little good if you don’t send it to the correct people. That said, prior to emailing or mailing out your release, sit and brainstorm who would find your app the most interesting. For example, say you created an app that helps small business owners manage invoicing. In that case, you might target entrepreneurial editors or reporters of local newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Or if you created an educational game, you might target teacher’s newsletters, blogs for parents, etc. Keep in mind that you might be able to target more than one group, depending on the nature of your app. If so, consider writing different press releases tailored to the specific target audience.

writing press releases stress you out

Leverage Your Location

Are you targeting local newspapers, newsletters, or even television stations? If not, you might want to consider it. Local media outlets are always looking for “local boy makes good” type stories. So if you contact them and leverage your hometown status, you can increase the odds of obtaining media coverage. In this case, make sure to include this information as a large part of your press release.

Thinking about using press releases to promote your app? Already given it a try? Tell us about your experiences!

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