Your 2007 Public Relations Calendar

As I’ve done each year for the past few years, I wanted to begin closing out the current year by publishing a “print and save” public relations calendar for the upcoming year. In this issue you’ll find calendar listings for holidays and observances, elections, major sporting and entertainment events, as well as list of anniversaries being celebrated — or simply remembered — in 2007.

The purpose of the calendar is to ensure that PR professionals are aware of important events that may drive the news cycle. The calendar is also a handy planning tool, allowing PR professionals ample time to get pitches and campaigns ready.

Holidays and Observances
1 – New Year’s Day*
15 – Martin Luther King Day*

2 – Groundhog Day
14 – Valentine’s Day
18 – Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)
19 – President’s Day*
21 – Ash Wednesday

17 – St. Patrick’s Day
20 – Earth Day

3 – Passover begins
6 – Good Friday*
8 – Easter Sunday
10 – Passover ends

13 – Mother’s Day
28 – Memorial Day*

17 – Father’s Day

4 – Independence Day*

3 – Labor Day
11 – Patriot’s Day
12 – Ramadan begins
13 – Rosh Hashanah
22 – Yom Kippur

8 – Columbus Day
11 – Ramadan ends
31 – Halloween

11 – Veteran’s Day
12 – Veteran’s Day observed**
22 – Thanksgiving*
23 – Stock markets close early

5 – Hanukah begins
12 – Hanukah ends
24 – Christmas Eve
25 – Christmas Day*
26 – Kwanzaa begins
31 – New Year’s Eve

*Federal holiday and days when the stock markets are closed
**Federal holiday only


Domestic (U.S.) Events

– Daylight Savings Time changes. Spring forward three weeks
earlier, and fall backward one week later (most of Canada
– New U.S. Congress is sworn in (January 3rd).
– Golden Globe Awards (January 15th).
– Super Bowl in Miami (February 4th).
– Grammy Awards (February 11th).
– Daytona 500 (February 18th).
– Academy Awards (February 25th).
– NCAA Basketball Final Four (March 31st to April 2nd).


International Events

– Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union (effective
January 1st).



500th Anniversary
– German cartographer Martin Waldseemuller uses the name
“America” to describe what is now the continent of North
America. It is the first time “America” is used to describe
any place.

400th Anniversary
– Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement,
is founded.

300th Anniversary
– The Acts of Union are put into law, uniting England and

150th Anniversary
– Dred Scott case decision.

100th Anniversary
– Panic of 1907 almost plunges United States into financial
– Oklahoma admitted to the Union as a state.

75th Anniversary
– Lindbergh baby abduction.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to first term.

50th Anniversary
– Allen Ginsburg’s “Howl” is published in the United Kingdom.
(It’s banned in the U.S. on grounds of obscenity.)
– Schools in Little Rock, Arkansas are integrated.
– Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite.
– U.S. fails in its first attempt to launch a satellite.

25th Anniversary
– AT&T (“Ma Bell”) agrees to break up, creating the modern
telecommunications industry.
– The Falklands War.
– Poisoned Tylenol kills seven in the Chicago area, prompting
national scare.
– The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington,
– Soviet Union invades Afghanistan; Israel invades Lebanon,
where civil war breaks out.
– First permanent artificial heart is implanted. Recipient
Barney Clark lives 112 days.

20th Anniversary
– Dow Jones Industrial Average breaches 2,000 and 2,500 marks
for the first time.
– Iran-Contra Affair officially becomes a major scandal.
– U.S. President Ronald Reagan makes infamous “Tear down this
wall” speech in Berlin.
– “Black Monday” hits Wall Street and stock exchanges around
the world experience massive plunges.
– Antidepressant drug Prozac is released in the United States.

10th Anniversary
– “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski is arrested.
– Bomb explodes at Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.
– TWA Flight 800 explodes off the coast of Long Island.
– Musician Tupac Shakur is murdered.
– Taliban takes Kabul.
– Dolly, a sheep, is the first cloned animal born.

5th Anniversary
– U.S. invades Afghanistan.
– WorldCom scandal.
– Homeland Security Act is signed into law by President George
W. Bush.

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