10 Reasons I Stopped Following You on Twitter

I love Twitter, but let’s be honest: It can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Call me anal if you want, but there are several things my fellow “Tweeple” do that annoy me and cause me to instantly unfollow them. Here are 10 reasons I might stop following you on Twitter.

1. You go on Tweeting binges – There’s a thin line between being active on Twitter and being a binge Tweeter. You aren’t the only person I’m following on Twitter. So, when I open the Twitter app on my iPhone or check the Twitter client on my computer, I don’t want the first 50 posts to be from the same person. Not only is this more than slightly annoying, but you’re actually doing yourself a disservice because so many Tweets waters down the messages you’re trying to send.

2. You never Tweet – On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the person who goes months at a time without Tweeting. This is the person I end up deleting when I do go through my “Following” list to do some spring cleaning.

3. Every Tweet is self-promotional – Sure, Twitter is a powerful tool for growing your personal or company brand, but that doesn’t mean you should treat it as a rotating billboard for your advertisements. No one wants to follow somebody who only sends out self-promotional Tweets (e.g. “Check out my company” or “Buy our products now”). This also applies to linking to your blog. There’s nothing wrong with dropping links to your new posts, but mix in links to other good content around the web too.

4. The content of your Tweets isn’t what I expected – Okay, so it’s not always your fault if I stop following you. Sometimes, it’s just that you aren’t Tweeting about what I expected. For example, let’s say I started following a well-known PR expert expecting to pick up some good PR tips and links to interesting articles. But instead, I discovered the PR expert never Tweets about PR, but instead only talks about sports. It’s fine that he Tweets about sports, but it’s just not in line with my expectations, so there’s a good chance I’ll stop following.

5. You only Tweet links without adding insight – So, we’re all probably guilty of doing this from time to time. We Tweet a link to an article with only the headline and the link. That’s acceptable in small doses, but it can’t be the only thing you do on Twitter. You need to also take part in conversations, and you should try sharing your own thoughts from time to time. You can combine the best of both worlds by adding your own comments whenever you drop a link.

6. You’re a serial ReTweeter – This is basically a continuation of the previous point. Just clicking “ReTweet” all day on Tweets you like doesn’t constitute being active on Twitter. When you ReTweet something, add your thoughts to it. You can even reply to the original poster to engage them in a conversation.

7. You don’t engage in conversations – Twitter is a social network, so don’t you think it makes sense to actually be, oh I don’t know, social?  If you want to gain loyalty from your followers and enhance your reputation online, you need to start having conversations. Whenever someone mentions you, take the time to respond and engage them in a conversation. If someone is polling their followers, help them out by shooting them an @ reply.

8. Your Tweets are too offensive – I’m not some uptight, old church lady over here, but at the same time, I don’t feel like reading Tweets that somehow squeeze 10 F bombs into a single 140 character message. Being offensive is absolutely your right, but it’s also my right to stop following you.

9. You’re a troll – Unfortunately, trolls have made their way to Twitter. If you don’t know what a troll is, this Urban Dictionary definition sums it up perfectly: “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board (or Twitter now) with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.” Don’t try to start crap just for the sake of getting attention.

10. You send an automated DM when I start following you – If I get an automated DM with a link to your website right after I start following you, chances are I’ll instantly go back and click “Unfollow.” If you want to connect with me, actually take the time to write me a message. Leave the automated messages for the bots.

What are some of the reasons you stop following people on Twitter? Leave a comment with your top pet peeves.

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