How to Pull a Spiraling Campaign Out of Disaster

You’ve poured everything you have into your latest campaign. You just KNEW it was going to be the biggest thing your company has ever seen. It was going to bring in tons of new fans and skyrocket your business into the stratosphere. 

tornadoOf course you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Your campaign soon was spiraling out of control and you could only watch with your hands on your head in wonder. You might think there’s nothing you can do.

However, any campaign can be saved as long as you’re willing to do the work. What’s important is taking the steps to figuring out what direction you should take it.

Get a New Perspective 

One of the most important steps you can take to recover your campaign is to figure out what’s wrong. However, this simple step becomes difficult when you’re too “close” to the campaign. You see it how you want to see it – as a potential success. Someone else will see the problems, probably quickly enough to make you wonder what’s wrong with you.

But that’s why stepping back and getting a new perspective is important. Ask a friend, colleague, or even your worst enemy to take a look and tell you straight up what’s wrong. Take all their notes seriously, even though they might hurt. They’re trying to help, after all.

Decide to Tweak or Redirect 

When you figure out what’s weighing your campaign down you have two options. You can either tweak the current direction or completely redirect where you’re going. For instance if your press releases aren’t gaining traction like you hoped, you can either tweak how you’re writing them or try a more social media heavy campaign.

This doesn’t mean you’re abandoning your campaign ideals, though. A campaign is about the spirit and brand behind it more than the direction. If you were concentrating on building a base through nostalgia, you can do that whether you’re focusing on social media, press releases, or some other tactic.

It’s all about what works. When you figure out whether to tweak or redirect, figure out how to make the most of your decision. You were all in before, so be all in now. If it doesn’t work you can always try something new.

The Connection 

Ultimately what you want to do is establish a connection with your fans. That’s the whole reason you’re doing this. Sure, you want people to buy your stuff and make your business thrive, but on a deeper level the connection keeps them coming back more and more.

So consider if the direction of your campaign is designed to establish this connection. Do you know what makes your customers tick? Are you speaking to them on any level? Or is the campaign focusing on the “moneymaking” aspect rather than the relationship?

If it’s the latter, that could be your big problem. Modern customers can tell when businesses are just out for their money and don’t have their interests at heart. Figure out how you can better represent how much you care about your fans and things should eventually turn around.

What’s the biggest redirection you’ve ever made with a campaign?

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