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Mickie Kennedy here. I want to thank my customers this Valentine’s Day for helping make eReleases what it is today.

From left to right: Heather Fuller (holding Sammy, the clown-faced dog), Andrew Crisp, Gary Thompson, and Mickie Kennedy
From left to right: Heather Fuller (holding Sammy, the clown-faced dog), Andrew Crisp, Gary Thompson, and eReleases President & Founder Mickie Kennedy

We launched a new nonprofit press release service for nonprofits called CauseWire: https://www.causewire.com

We’ve doubled staff in the past four months. While much of the economy has been suffering, we’re thankful and pleasantly surprised that a growing number of people are looking towards long-term PR efforts as an affordable alternative to advertising.

Personally, I’ve been trying to get my life in order. Having spent the first six years of eReleases running the company myself with freelancers from 6am until 10pm most weekdays, I’ve cut back on my day-to-day involvement in the company. I’ve been involved in the development of these new services and am excited to announce we will have additional new sites and services launched in coming months. I’m working only about 30 hours a week in this new capacity. It’s harder, more strategic work that will likely help eReleases grow in value and offerings to our customers.

I’ve also been getting my weight under control. Over the past 10+ years running eReleases I’ve gained about 100 pounds. It’s easy to brush exercise and diet aside when you’re busy growing a company, especially having spent the bulk of those early years doing it alone. Only being on this side of this business can I sit back and regret much of what has happened, much of what can only be undone in part by time and patience.

writing press releases stress you out

I have lost 51 pounds and I now spend about 10 hours a week in the gym. I’m not near my goal weight but I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I feel better about my company and the great people who run it: Heather Fuller, my amazing Editorial Director who has in the past few months trained new hires and helped both guide and ground my ideas for new products and services; Andrew Crisp, an eager and friendly Editorial Assistant; and Gary Thompson, who is just learning the ropes but always has a smile and willingness to learn.

However, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for our customers.

We appreciate their business and hope that their continued PR efforts result in more success, one press release at a time.

Happy Thanks-Valentine’s Day!

Mickie Kennedy


This article is written by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases (https://www.ereleases.com), the online leader in affordable press release distribution. To subscribe to PR Fuel, visit: https://www.ereleases.com/prfuel/subscribe/.

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You have a lot to celebrate. Congratulations on all the wonderful milestones you’ve achieved – particularly your personal ones!!


Mickie, thanks for the positive message. I appreciate the photo because it reminds me of our own children, long out of the house by the way, who have become independent in their careers and ventures. Specifically you remind me of our second who created Red Wagon Management. Our youngest is married to one of the singers, song writers and musicians of Starfield.


Thank you! Love the picture! Good luck with ALL your endeavors in 2009
Happy Valentines,
JMC HOuston


Love the pic! Funny – personal update. Congrats on the weight loss and all the other accomplishments! I’m down 24 pounds myself – more to go but oh my the difference if great!


Thanks for the positive message. Good luck!



Congratulations on getting your health on the list of priorities. I know that game. Been building a new business since June, and feel like I live in front of a computer. You are making the sacrifices made to build an organization that is successful for you and your clients.


PS. Business wire doesn’t have a website anymore.


You guys look creative and energetic!

I’ve been growing my business for 8 years and have not gotten ANY exercise the entire time except for my typing fingers. 5 weeks ago I started and I am determined to never stop, ever. I feel ya!

I hope you diet and your business are going great-looks like it; you were #1 on Google for my search!


Well done Kennedy.
This is a press release you about you and your company.


Dear Kennedy & Team

Keep up the good work.


I congratulate you on all your accomplishments to date and your continued success. I know from my own of all the time and sacrifices that I and my wife have endured after my initial launch of BroFarOps (3/10), my cafeteria of operations, and my recent addition of financial services. I am now over seeing 50+ sites a year later … But this is not about me, this is about you and your accomplishments and I again congratulate YOU. May we all benefit from YOUR INSIGHTFULNESS. rsp., dr. rlbf



As a native Marylander, I would support headquartered companies there if at all possible. I appreciate the honesty and hardwork you and the team have done.

I invite you to swim the 1 mile Chesapeake Challenge at the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim next year.


An update would be great! I was so drawn to the sweet humanity of this post and picture… it piqued my curiosity: how is the weight loss, work balance and team growth now?

In a couple hours I’ll be ordering my first press release, and I feel so good about doing so through your company. All your hard work, extensive media reach and generous information have *already* benefitted me! Thank you, Mickie. Bless you, your business and your personal dreams.

In gratitude,
Erika Harris, Creator


Good luck, your health is your most important asset and sometimes it’s the first to go when you are growing a businesses. We are just submitting our first press release to try your service.


Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! Great job. Great attitude! Rock on!


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