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The True Cost of Bad Publicity

November 27 2009

It has been said that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Looking around today, it’s clear that some companies still buy into this. Read More

Best, or at Least Better, Practices for Blogger Relations

November 20 2009

With the rise of social media, blogger relations are getting some serious press. That, and the fact that newspapers across the country are closing up their printing presses and publishing primarily online. What does that mean for those of us who conduct media relations for a living? Read More

The Ultimate Collection of Press Release Topic Ideas

November 16 2009

You already know that a press release can increase your company’s visibility and generate a buzz that can increase sales. What you don’t know is what you should cover in your press releases. Well, I have some good news for you. Read More

Important Do’s and Don’ts When You’ve Made a Connection With a Reporter

November 13 2009

Even the most carefully crafted news release, eagerly received by a reporter will not guarantee effective coverage for your cause, product or service. It can take time, patience and the careful nurturing of relationships to get to the point where the reporter picks up the phone or shoots off an email to say, “yes, I’d like to talk to YOU.” It is this point where the rubber, as they say, meets the road. Read More

Top 10 Tips for PR Success Using HARO

November 12 2009

If you work in public relations or a related field, HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free service that can yield a substantial return for a minimal time investment-if you play by the rules, that is. One slip-up could get not just you but your entire company booted from HARO. Read More

Demystifying the SEO Press Release From the Traditional Press Release

November 11 2009

When those outside the realm of public relations hear the term Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press release, more than head scratching ensues. Clients have often been heard murmuring, “What would I do with a SEO press release and who would I submit it to?” It’s time to demystify how the SEO press release differs from the more traditional approach and the purpose this online marketing tool serves. Read More

21 Media Relations Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal News Outcomes?

November 10 2009

You hope the strong news release you have worked so hard to polish will generate media interest and inquiries. But if it does, and if your spokespeople aren’t prepared for the media, your best effort can get derailed in a hurry. Read More

7 Reasons Your Press Release Sucks

November 05 2009

As a writer I’m constantly trying to learn from my own mistakes and the mistakes of other writers. That’s why I like to occasionally visit some of those free press release distribution websites. It’s unfortunate, but the vast majority of press releases on those sites flat out suck. Why? Because they usually make one or more of these common mistakes. Read More

How to Master the Art of the Publicity Stunt

November 03 2009

The art of publicity stunts dates back to 1929 when Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, announced to the media that a group of women’s rights suffragettes would march in a Manhattan parade and light their “Torches of Freedom.” Once in front of the cameras the models lit up Lucky Strike cigarettes on cue, as Edward was employed by the American Tobacco Company. Read More

10 Essential Tips to Press Release Success

October 22 2009

eReleases Editorial Director Heather Fuller told me she was thinking about the model of Jiffy Lube’s 21-point signature service and whether a similar model could be applied to press releases. She came up with the following 10 essential tips that should be considered before sending your next press release. Read More