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Top 7 Media Relations Mistakes

December 11 2009

In your dream world, media relations would probably consist of getting in touch with a news reporter or a blogger, telling them your story, and getting all the coverage you want from them. Unfortunately, the reality is much different. Read More

How to Handle Negative Blog Comments

December 10 2009

In your dream world, thousands of people read your blog every day, and every single reader agrees with your every word. Now, snap back to reality. Read More

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) as a PR Tool

December 09 2009

If you watch TV, listen to the radio or read a newspaper, you have seen and heard a public service announcement (PSA). (The phrase “the more you know” should ring a bell.) Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Customer Complaints

December 08 2009

The way your company responds to customer complaints goes a long way to shaping how the public perceives you. Just look at my previous post: @Target Customer Service = Fail. Read More

@Target Customer Service = Fail

December 07 2009

At Target, I paid more and got less.
Read More

Top 5 Tips for Writing Killer Press Release Headlines

December 07 2009

Without a headline that demands attention, your press release will never have a chance of getting serious exposure. It doesn’t matter if your press release is being sent to editors at the top industry news outlets or if you’re publishing it online yourself, everyone – from editors to your customers – is in a hurry. Their decision as to whether or not to read your press release depends on if they find your headline interesting. Read More

The Thin Blurred Line: When Is It OK to Mix Personal and Business Social Networking?

December 04 2009

In online social networks, boundaries between work, family and friends are almost impossible to set and uphold. Should you maintain multiple presences and risk dividing your influence, or mix business and pleasure and hope you don’t offend a friend or a client? Is it ever okay to blur the lines between personal and professional networking? Read More

7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert

December 03 2009

Lack of credibility is one of the biggest obstacles companies have to overcome when doing business online. Let’s face it: Customers have their B.S. detectors on full alert when shopping online as they don’t want to get ripped off by some company they’ve never heard of. What does this mean for you? Read More

Five Ways to Make Your Press Release Stand Out in a Crowd

December 01 2009

As you proof-read your press release, you check to make sure all the essential elements are there:  attention-grabbing headline, well-articulated news angles, dateline written in AP style, tightly-written introductory paragraph that includes all five “W’s,” a quote from a company executive, company boilerplate paragraph, contact information for media seeking more information. Read More

PR Defensive Playbook: When Crisis Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

November 30 2009

For most of us, the word “crisis” brings to mind something on the scale of Hurricane Katrina or September 11th. For businesses and the public relations professionals who advise them, a crisis can be anything from a disgruntled customer or former employee to a product recall, nasty blog post or negative publicity in a news story. Read More