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Party Hats Required

July 29 2009

I sent an email yesterday welcoming customers of a company we just acquired. It included a staff photo welcoming these customers (see below). I followed up today with an email asking for customer feedback. I got it. Read More

Name-Dropping Celebrities in PR … or Why Oprah May or May Not Approve This Message

July 22 2009

I tweeted about this earlier today ( and it bears a longer message about using celebrities in your PR efforts. Over the past couple of years, the newswire has been cracking down on clients that name-drop celebrities. Read More

Follow Mickie (@eReleases) on Twitter

July 15 2009

If you haven’t heard (, eReleases has been up to a lot: Read More

Free Press Release Websites Are Expensive

July 06 2009

This article was inspired by a potential customer wondering whether a service that charged $38 to blast his press release to 50 free press release websites was a good use of his money. Read More

Press Releases … the Rodney Dangerfield of the Marketing World?

July 02 2009

I promote the importance of press releases because they are the great equalizer. A small company, or even an individual, has as much chance of getting media attention as a big, well-financed company. Sure, the big company might be able to afford its own public relations department as well as coordinate with high-priced publicists. But the cornerstone of that big company’s PR campaign will be the lowly press release. Read More

The News Conference: Controlling Your Message

June 25 2009

You have some important issues you want the public to know about. You are so concerned about it that you call a news conference. Read More

PR Quotes: How Being Controversial, Despite Being Wrong, Attracts Media Coverage

June 16 2009

I follow the television industry. It’s a medium I devote about five minutes a day trying to follow largely by headlines and RSS feeds. Today I saw this headline and had to dig deeper: Big Media Sites Like Hulu “Anti-Consumer, Anti-Media Employees, Anti-America”? Read More

Make Room for the Press on Your Website

June 10 2009

If you’re not archiving press releases on your company’s website, you might be missing out on valuable press coverage. Reporters increasingly rely on the Internet to conduct research on the issues and industries they cover. When they reach your site, it is important that they can quickly access information to include in an article in progress, or find ideas for a new one. Read More

Manufacturing Controversy to Drum Up Public Relations

May 28 2009

Everyone has heard about KFC’s major Oprah goof where so many people requested a free two-piece meal of the fast food company’s new grilled chicken, it simply wasn’t able to meet demand. Local news outlets aired footage of people being turned away from stores. Read More

The PR Fuel Mailbag: the Cost of Public Relations, Press Release Don’ts, and More

May 25 2009

It’s once again time to dip into the PR Fuel mailbag for another batch of reader queries. How much do I charge for public relations services? Can a newswire service refuse to distribute my press release? Come find out the answers to these puzzlers from the world of public relations. Read More