How to Run a Social Media Campaign Into the Ground

Feel like you’re doing a little too well? Want to take some steam out of your social media campaign? Well you’re in luck, as there are several ways to ruin your campaign and run it straight into the ground. People do it every day, so you have plenty of resources to pull from!Construction Worker Jackhammer Pneumatic Drill

Drive Your Followers Crazy

Want to really drive your new friends away and ruin all the hard work you’ve put in over the weeks and months of your campaign? Then tweet and post as much as you can! Nothing irritates your followers as much as a constant flow of tweets and such from you that takes up their entire feed.

An even better idea is to post info that has nothing to do with your campaign. Talk about your day, your home life, or even gossip about other people, including coworkers. If you really want to ruin a social media campaign, make it all about you and not your company or product!

Alternatively, you can post about your company, but stick to three things: spam, spam, and more spam! Try not to post anything smart, funny, or helpful; just send out poorly spelled “come buy our stuff!!!!” messages all day long. That should guarantee your campaign loses at least most of its loyal fans.

Copy Other Campaigns

You’ve spent all this time thinking you need to be original and come up with your own ideas – bah! Little did you know, your originality is what’s bringing those pesky customers around. Instead, you need to learn how to copy and paste!

Copying another company’s social media campaign can instantly turn people off of your business. This is especially true if you’re blatantly obvious about it. Try not to have anything original at all or your followers may think you’re actually trying to stay in business.

Look at your competitors and see what they’re doing for inspiration. And by inspiration, I mean opportunities to grab what you like and ignore the rest. Once your customers and fans see what you’ve done, they’re sure to turn the other way and run!

Spam the Rest of the Internet

We already mentioned spamming your Twitter and Facebook feeds. But we all know social media involves more than just tweeting and posting. A big part of a campaign is “going where your customers are.” So hunt them down, and spam them everywhere they go!

This includes finding all the message boards and chat rooms they might frequent. If your customers are big video gamers, head to those message boards and gaming tournament videos and post away. Tell them repeatedly how much they need your company’s product and for a one-time fee blah blah blah – you know the drill.

Don’t actually interact with anyone on these sites, just post spam all day. When one account gets banned, just make another. Soon, you’ll have destroyed any credibility you’ve gained with your social media campaign and your customers will be long gone.

Now, on to your PR campaign…

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Hi Mickie
Very lately I signed up for your PR daily feeds as I was looking over the tips to write a good press release. Apart from some useful tips and guidelines, I thought of digging into your website. After reading numerous articles which are full of invaluable advices, I was too tired. This write up of yours came as a refreshing wave washing away all my tiredness. Full of humour and actual watering down of campaigns. As I read the words, I imagined the reactions of those customers and fans who would go bonkers if any one does all this stuff to them. Quite hilarious but yes, surely informative, not to deny! 😉



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