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11 Benefits of Hiring a New Hire Press Release Service

new hire press release
February 11 2024

One significant milestone for any growing company is when they begin hiring top executives. But imagine reading about one of your competitors in the news announcing a new hire a month after you did the same thing! Yours went under the radar while your... Read More

Using Press Release Quotes: Best Practices and Examples

press release quotes
January 26 2024

Do you want to make your press release stand out in the competitive world of media? Allow us to introduce you to a valuable ally: press release quotes. These concise snippets aren’t just embellishments. They can transform your announcement from... Read More

What’s the Secret to Truly Great Press Release Headlines?

press release headlines
January 19 2024

More and more information is released onto the web every single day. In this oversaturated world, a press release is a powerful tool to convey important information and capture the attention of your target audience. However, amidst the sea of... Read More

How to Use PR Distribution to Build Hype Around a Product Release

product release
January 12 2024

Launching a new product is an exciting time for any business. But in today’s crowded marketplace, it can take a lot of work to get your product noticed. That’s where using a PR distribution service for your product release can help. By... Read More

Why Include a Social Media Press Release in Your Promotional Toolbox

social media press release
January 05 2024

Today, success for small businesses depends on online memories. Social media press releases have changed how small companies talk to their fans. Going past the normal limits of press announcements, they give a lively way to talk with customers and... Read More

Streamlining Your PR Strategy with Press Release Distribution Software

press release distribution software
December 26 2023

There are so many benefits to using press releases. But only a very small percentage of businesses use them. And with press release distribution software now available to the public, you can submit to more publishers with little heavy lifting... Read More

Press Release Cost: A Guide on How to Save Money

press release cost
December 19 2023

When your business needs to issue a press release, you’re likely more focused on getting the news out to the public than you are about saving money. However, the cost of a press release can add up fairly quickly. The average cost for PR... Read More

How to Get the Most Out of a Press Release Submission Service

press release submission
December 12 2023

It’s easy to feel a pang of envy when you see one of your competitors in the headlines. A glowing news story about a new product or an exciting brand can be transformational for some businesses. But you don’t need to look on from the... Read More

How to Distribute a Press Release: What You Need to Know

how to distribute a press release
December 05 2023

Are you struggling to get the word out about your business, product, or service? A press release could be just the thing you need to boost your exposure. However, simply writing a press release isn’t enough; you need to distribute it effectively... Read More

Media Advisory vs. a Press Release: What’s the Difference?

media advisory vs. a press release
November 28 2023

The PR industry is anticipated to grow to a worth of $134 billion worldwide by 2027. There’s no denying the power of the press, especially when it comes to press releases. A press release is a powerful marketing tool capable of making a big... Read More