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Press Release Template

August 11 2020

About 50% of businesses view marketing as their main strategy for growth. In order to expand your business, you need to find the best ways to reach your customers. Otherwise, your competitors will reach those customers first.  Read More

5 Reasons You Might Need to Issue a Press Release

July 26 2020
press release

Does your business need to attract media attention, quickly?

Media coverage is one of the best possible ways to increase sales and get noticed, but how do you increase your media coverage? Read More

What is a Newswire Service and How Is It Used?

July 19 2020
what is a newswire

Do you know what a newswire service is? Well, most people don’t, and in the case that you are one of those people.  Read More

A Guide to Online Press Releases: Everything You Need to Know

July 12 2020
press releases

Communication is a skill that you can never be complacent with if you’re trying to grow your brand. 

In the age of social media, you might not have ever considered just how valuable something like an online press release can be. There are lots of benefits Read More

How to Choose the Best Press Release Writing Service for Your Specific Needs

July 05 2020
press release writing service

Do you want a way to build the authority of your brand by forming relationships with journalists Read More

The Ultimate Guide on How to Distribute a Press Release

June 26 2020
how to distribute a press release

Press releases are the secret to grabbing the media’s attention. These are short, compelling statements that highlight something newsworthy to get a journalist to reach out for more details.  Read More

What Is the Purpose of a Press Release? What Exactly Is It?

June 19 2020
purpose of a press release

Do you want to improve the public relations of your company while also drumming up excitement and interest? Although social media and online ad targeting have taken up most marketing budgets, press releases still Read More

Should You Bother With Press Releases? Plus, How to Pick the Best Press Release Distribution

June 12 2020
best press release distribution

In this age of social media, you may wonder why your company should even bother to write and issue press releases. Newspapers have less influence, and we can be our own publishers, right?

Press releases are Read More

How to Send a Press Release and Why They Still Matter in 2020

June 05 2020
how to send a press release

Do you want your business to gain more publicity in your local area or online? Do you have an upcoming event or product release that you want to garner excitement for? Then it may be time for you to write a press release.

In 1906, Ivy Lee wrote the first press release by describing a trainwreck for his client, the Pennsylvania Railroad. His writing was so well-received that The New York Times published the release without any edits of their own.

Today, press releases have Read More

PR for Content Marketers

May 13 2019

In this day and age, many people still consider PR and content marketing to be mutually exclusive.

Read More