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To make Twitter work for your company, you have to Tweet consistently. But sometimes this can prove challenging as you aren’t really sure what to share. Here are a ton of ideas to get you going:

  1. An interesting article you just came across. Two things worth pointing out here: first, the number one thing to do on Twitter is share content. That’s pretty much why it was created. Secondly, while there’s a time and a place to focus on yourself—as our list shows—your first priority should be to share things that don’t necessarily come from you, as followers get sick of that pretty quickly.
  2. Share a useful resource. What tools do you use in daily operations? Found a useful iPhone app that makes life a bit easier? If it’s industry-related and you think your customers or peers might find it useful, share it.
  3. A blog entry you just posted on your business blog. Of course, when you put that new post up on your company blog, you want to make sure as many people read it as possible. But that doesn’t mean Tweet out the link 10 times a day. You also might want to Tweet links to old blog posts from time to time to keep them fresh.
  4. Inspirational quotes that tie into your industry. The jury’s reached a consensus: the average person loves inspirational quotes. So even if you think they’re cheesy, find one and send it out. Just make sure it’s useful and not just filler.
  5. Highlight one of your staff members. Talking about your staff is an important part of brand building. If people just see your company as a name and a logo, then they aren’t going to connect with you on that personal level you require. So by talking about members of your staff from time to time, you remind your followers that there are real people behind your company.
  6. Breaking news related to your niche. You need to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry. And if people start noticing that you Tweet out important news as soon as it breaks, they’ll start paying attention.
  7. An upcoming event your company is involved in or attending. This accomplishes a few tasks. First of all, it’s a great way to get others to attend fundraisers and other functions. It also takes another step in the human direction we discussed above. And finally, it also gives other event participants a bit of free press, which is great for building good will.
  8. Tips that would prove useful to someone who may use your product or service. You want people to see you as an expert in your field. And experts know what tips to give. So putting two and two together…provide useful tips and you’ll quickly become an industry expert.
  9. Real time updates of what you and your staff are working on. As long as you don’t do it too often, followers will love to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes activities of your company. It goes back to that whole we-are-a-voyeuristic-people-and-we-love-things-like-reality-TV thing.
  10. Websites of the companies you partner with. Along the lines of turning the attention away from yourself, when you draw attention to your partners, you give them free advertisement. And you can bet they’ll return the favor, which ends up being a great way to get new followers.
  11. Personal stories that make you seem more human. As mentioned above, search for feel-good internal stories. Maybe one of your employees just beat an illness. Or perhaps you just completed the Couch-2-5K plan and ran your first race. Or maybe you have a classic rags-to-riches story. Anything someone can derive inspiration from that will make you seem more accessible.
  12. Suggest a reputable industry blog. Where else can your followers go to get good industry-related info? What RSS Feed do you subscribe to that you couldn’t live without? Let the world know and the blog owner will thank you.
  13. Ask your followers a relevant question. Social media is all about conversations. So invite your followers to join in by asking them a question. Just make sure you respond when they answer to show that you really care. Failing to do so will end any chances of the back and forth you were looking for.
  14. Announce a contest or discount exclusive to Twitter. Everyone loves to win, get something cheaper, or grab a freebie. By announcing such things via Twitter, your followers will feel as if they have one up on everyone else. Contests are also great for getting people involved.
  15. Thank a follower for something they did. Make sure your followers feel important. By thanking them for sharing content, commenting back, or simply following you, they will get the idea that you understand how important they are to your business.
  16. Share a picture of a staff member or event. Mixing different forms of media into your Tweets keeps things fresh and interesting. You could also use videos or pictures customers have sent in using your products.
  17. Answer a question someone has asked. Along the lines of engaging your followers, when someone asks you a question, make sure you answer and answer well. It’s probable that others had the same question and stand to benefit.
  18. Put out a fire. Sometimes we piss people off —it’s bound to happen. Without getting defensive, put your supreme customer service on display for all to see and try and make a disgruntled customer happy.
  19. Something ironic in your industry. People like a good laugh or an “AHA!” So pointing out the ironic is often well-received. However, be careful not to do yourself any damage in the process.
  20. Suggest someone to follow. It’s simple really. You bring others new followers, they take notice, and they return in kind. And even if they don’t offer you new followers, you’re still doing something good for yours.

What are you Tweeting about? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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In regards to #18, I have to say that sometimes it could even be at one’s advantage to have such a controversy, given that you have a dedicated and competent customer support service. This way, you can publicly show how much you care about your customers and that you’re willing not only to acknowledge your mistakes but also to quickly solve the problem. It’s inestimable PR publicity, although when not handled right, it could end in tragedy.
As for Twitter specifically, my answer would be: how many tweets per day are acceptable or even advisable? And how many are too much and become annoying or are simply ignored by those that should pay attention to them?


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