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Standing out at your PR internship can open up a slew of career opportunities, but it’s not always easy for interns to get noticed. Simply being a good intern isn’t enough. You have to really work hard if you want to be the intern your boss thinks of when an entry-level position opens up.

So, how can you stand out amongst your peers and leave your mark as an intern?

  • Be proactive — It’s not enough to simply do the work assigned to you. If you want to stand out, you need to go above and beyond the call of duty. You need to be proactive and show initiative. One way to do this is to request to sit in on a meeting. Or you can approach your supervisor and ask for more tasks and projects. The point is that you shouldn’t just sit back and wait for work to be assigned to you. Assert yourself and force your way up the ladder.
  • Work harder than everyone else — Why was Michael Jordan so great at basketball? Sure he had tons of natural talent, but he also outworked his peers by showing up to practice early and staying late. That’s the same mentality you need to have as a PR intern. Get to work early to prepare yourself for the day ahead, and don’t be afraid to stay late to finish up work on a project. In other words, don’t be the person who shows up right on time (or a little late) and rushes out of the door as soon as it’s time to go. Work your butt off!
  • Have a positive attitude — Let’s face it — a lot of internships suck. They can be really hard, but no matter how rough it might be, you need to maintain a positive attitude. Nobody likes a whiny intern. You want to be someone that other people like working with.
  • Broaden your horizons — As an intern, you’re there to gain experience, and the best way to get as much experience as possible is to volunteer for projects outside of your normal tasks. Get your hands in as many different areas of the company as you can. It will give you more experience, show your supervisor how versatile you are, and make you look like a true team player.
  • Be clear about what you want — Don’t be shy about letting others know what your professional goals are. You need to let those around you know what you want to do so that they can place you in the right area for your internship and keep you in mind for a permanent position if one opens up that fits you.

What are some other things interns can do to stand out? Share your tips by commenting below.

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