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September 1, 2014

Why You Need to Start Caring about Local TV

I’ve seen it time and time again. Business people want to jump headfirst into the PR game with high hopes of national media coverage. They hire a PR team and then immediately start hurling out expectations of landing interviews and coverage on CNN and FOX News. Then the PR team pauses and says, “Whoa, hold on their, Sport. How about we start with landing you a spot on your local news show?” And the business owner scoffs. (Read more…)

August 29, 2014

Don’t Ask Reporters for Interview Questions Ahead of Time

So you are being interviewed and you’re nervous. Maybe it’s your first time as a small business owner to sit across from a reporter. Maybe you’ve finally hit the big time and are facing the national media. Or maybe it’s a negative—maybe you have to have a press conference or interview about a crisis your company is currently facing. Whatever the case, your palms are sweaty and you’re worried about the questions you are about to face. (Read more…)

August 28, 2014

The Biggest Challenges to Getting Your Email Pitches Opened

You want to turn your press releases into great news articles on sites that will get you plenty of attention. We know that crafting a great press release is the first step—but then what? You face some big challenges to even get those pitch emails opened up, much less have your press releases read. (Read more…)

August 27, 2014

Morning Press Release Distribution Just Makes Sense

I’ve been in the PR game for a long time. I started eReleases back in 1998, and during that time, I’ve sent hundreds of thousands of press releases for more than 15,000 clients. It’s safe to say that I’ve learned quite a bit about press release distribution during that time. And one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that sending press releases in the morning tends to get the best results. (Read more…)

August 26, 2014

How Your Press Release Service Could Be Killing Your Brand

It sounds crazy – a press release service killing your brand. But make no mistake, it’s absolutely possible. Hire the wrong company to handle the writing and distribution of your press releases, and you could find your brand in a world of trouble. (Read more…)

August 25, 2014

Does Your Press Release Distribution Service Hit You with Hidden Fees?

Okay, so you’ve written a newsworthy press release, and you’re ready to get it out to the media so they can cover your story and spread the word. Now, it’s time to choose a service for press release distribution. (Read more…)

August 22, 2014

The Best Ways to Visually Share Your News

To say I’m a big press release guy, or a fan of press releases, well that would be a pretty big understatement. I believe when used correctly, they’ll do the job and get you the media coverage you need. However, when it actually comes to delivering the news to the end recipient, your target audience, well that’s a little different. (Read more…)

August 21, 2014

Stop Writing Press Releases to Make Your Boss Happy

There’s nothing wrong with it. After all, it’s natural. We all want to please our bosses. Doing so will often lead to raises and promotions. Not to mention, there’s just a deep down good feeling when praised for a job well done. In fact, one study cites that 78 percent of workers say being recognized motivates them to do a better job. (Read more…)

August 20, 2014

Is Panda 4.0 the End of the Press Release? (Spoiler Alert: No)

It seems that Google is doing more than just keeping us on our toes these days. Many of the changes they are making to the algorithm are making it seemingly impossible to climb search rankings (although, there’s still no substitute for good old fashioned hard work and content production). After all, article syndication is basically dead, guest blogging took a huge hit, and keyword usage and link building as we know them have changed forever. What next? (Read more…)

August 19, 2014

Does Your PR Team Live on an Island?

One of the most important things you can do is get hooked up with the right PR team. The right fit will get you and your product or service in the public eye. More eyes mean more sales. (Read more…)