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March 2, 2015

Interviewing for a PR Job

One of two things is going on.  (Read more…)

February 23, 2015

Dealing With Limited Resources

My company, for example, has exactly one person dealing with PR issues – me.  (Read more…)

February 16, 2015

Email Etiquette for PR People

I recently spent two hours purging my email inbox of old emails. The move was forced by my purchase of a new computer and a wish to cleanse my old computer of useless files. During the purge, which was the first such undertaking in over two years, I came across hundreds of press releases and emails from PR people. I deleted many of these and in the process, came up with some suggested email rules for PR people.  (Read more…)

February 11, 2015

PR Fuel Mailbag

I feel it’s time to answer some questions and respond to some criticism. And I’m having a serious case of writer’s block (too many days without thinking).  (Read more…)

February 9, 2015

Is Your Client an Idiot?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Probably.  (Read more…)

February 4, 2015

Have We Learned Anything?

The year 2014 has ended but is still finding its way on my checks and emails. I usually get the hang of it by February. Here’s a chance to review whether we’ve learned anything in 2014:  (Read more…)

February 2, 2015

Don’t Ignore The Melting Pot

I was listening to the radio this evening and heard an interesting report. The latest U.S. Census Report indicates there are 54 million Hispanics living in America as of July 2013. Hispanics have replaced African-Americans as America’s largest racial minority – if only by a slim margin. And while the Hispanic population has seen explosive growth, Asians were the fastest growing minority group in America in the past two years. America is more of a melting pot now more than ever. (Read more…)

January 28, 2015

Branding a Cult

What do Star Trek, Harley-Davidson, Oprah Winfrey, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Apple, the Volkswagen Beetle, Jimmy Buffett and Linux have all in common? These entities are among the handful of national and international brands that have reached cult status.  (Read more…)

January 26, 2015

Asking To See An Article Draft Is Asking For Trouble

Next time you’re surfing for an interesting movie, consider checking out “The Insider.” The 1999 movie – starring Al Pacino, Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer – tells the true story of Dr. Jeffrey Wigand (Crowe), a tobacco industry whistleblower, and Lowell Bergman (Pacino), a producer for the television news magazine “60 Minutes.” The film follows Wigand and Bergman’s attempt to get Wigand’s story about tobacco companies manipulating nicotine levels and lying to Congress about it out to the public. The movie shows the pair had to learn to trust each other as corporate lawyers, news producers and the media tried to derail the truth.  (Read more…)

January 21, 2015

How to Guarantee Your Press Release Won’t Be Read

On average, I receive fifty press releases each day. On top of that, I receive an additional 100 correspondences. My inbox is a disaster area. I have over 300 unread emails in my inbox from the past ten days and it’s likely that eighty percent of those are press releases. The question is: why do I read only some, and not all, of these press releases?  (Read more…)