Your Product Is Your Ticket to Ride

Sometimes being an entrepreneur feels like you’re just on a train ride. After you buy your ticket, load your baggage, and step onto your car, all of a sudden you’re flying down the tracks and all you can do is buy a drink and talk to some strangers. Once in a while the train stops and you can get off and stretch your legs, but then you hop right back on.

While it sounds scary, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. For one thing, trains are awesome. I know they aren’t a usual mode of transportation for folks anymore, but if you’ve never been on one, I heartily recommend it.

For another, if you’re able to get your small business to the point where it basically runs itself as if on rails, then you’ve got a good thing on your hands. The only thing you need to learn is how to be less of a passenger and more of an engineer.

However, that’s for another blog post. Here, we need to talk about your product and what it means for your train ride to success.

Buy Your Tickets

If you have the right product before you even start your business, then you’ve basically bought yourself a ticket. And this ticket can give you the train ride of your life!

Life any big trip, you need to play ahead. Three words come to mind: research, research, research. Find the products that not only stand the best chance to fly off shelves but also interest you enough to sell them! If you don’t have the passion or at least some interest, you won’t care, and neither will your customers.

You can also wing it and be spontaneous, just like taking a random trip to somewhere you’ve never been. However, the chances of this going well are greatly diminished. Sometimes you end up in Boston, other times you find yourself staring at the Biggest Ball of Twine (no offense to the Biggest Ball of Twine). The chances of your trip ending on a high note are better if you actually look to where you’re going.

So make sure to find out everything you can about your product beforehand. This way, you can calculate solutions to everything that comes up. This includes ways to sell the product, who to sell it to, and any issues with the product that might come up later.

Order Tickets Early

Another thing about ordering tickets for a trip is the earlier you get them, the better rate you’ll get. Translated to your business, the earlier you start research on your product the better! Don’t wait around for something to fall in your lap – get out there and pound the pavement.

Starting early also gives you a great opportunity to plan any PR around the products’ release. The sooner you know its high (and low) points, the easier a time you’ll have selling it. You’ll have ample opportunity to test out several options before settling on a final method, which should drive sales up.

With enough preparation and a little luck, your tickets will get you started one of the most thrilling rides of all time: entrepreneurship! Now sit back, head to the dining car, and work on figuring out how to get yourself in the engineer seat.

What product is your ticket for the train?

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