What to Write When for Your Blog When You Are Simply Out of Ideas

We’ve all hit writer’s block at some point.  The common belief is that a writer is just moving along all fine and dandy when *wham!* they have nothing else in their head. Out of the blue they just have totally hit a dead end when it comes to creativity.

What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgnAnyone who has gone through it, though, knows writer’s block works a little differently than that. The writing isn’t the hard part – once you get going, it’s easy to keep a momentum, and sometimes even tough to stop. Writer’s block is usually a creeping, nagging feeling that can hit at any time, but usually way before you even sit down. You just KNOW you’re going to fail and the words won’t come.

It’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So it helps to squash this before you even consider sitting down for the day. But how do you do this when you’re totally wiped of ideas and there’s no end to the wall of writer’s block in your way?

Revisit the Beginning

 What did you write about in the very beginnings of your blog? Did you cover industry news, or maybe what your business was coming along, or even a handful of top 5 lists? Whatever it was, take a second and go read them again. See anything familiar?

What you should be looking for is anything that’s still relevant to this day. Are there any blogs you can revisit to repurpose for this day and age as long as it still makes sense? Naturally not everything will still be ok to repurpose, since not every subject will have aged well.

For example, let’s say you write about social media for your blog. Even just a few years ago websites like MySpace and Friendster still had a toehold in the conversation. Now, though – not so much. If, however, you wrote how Facebook was going to take over the world, talk about how prophetic it was and just how much it’s grown since you wrote that blog.

Look at Recent News

 When’s the last time you actually looked around at your industry? Not just looking at your news feed, I mean actually dissecting what’s going on. Often I’ll read the daily news and won’t realize there are a ton of blog ideas just waiting for me until I look back over the same articles with a writer’s mind.

Try to imagine how you could structure the same news into a blog post. If there’s a brand new product that could change your industry, try writing how it could affect similar businesses. Or you could even focus on the impact the product will have for the economy as a whole, or even how your business could profit from it.

Different Angles

 Sometimes you just have this feeling there’s a great blog idea on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t figure out how to get it going. The subject is there, you know it will be interesting to readers…but the angle is all wrong and it just won’t work.

It’s incredibly easy to get stuck on this. Instead of just beating your head against the wall, try approaching the entire thing from a new angle. If you want to cover the recently launched product and every other blogger has already covered the news, figure out what makes your perspective unique. For instance, why not do a blog covering all the technological advances that led to this great product coming out and changing the industry?

What are some of your strategies for overcoming writer’s block?

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