Why the News Leaves Out Certain Stories…Like Yours

There are a myriad of reasons why your local newspaper or TV outlet decided not to run a certain story. Quite a bit of thought goes into each and every piece of information that goes over the air, although it may not seem like it sometimes.

When it comes to your own story or press release, it can be much more personal. Sometimes it can feel like a conspiracy, that there’s someone at the newspaper you forgot you offended back in high school or something…but the reason why your story hasn’t been printed is usually much more boring than that.

It’s Boring

Chances are this is what kept your story from going over the airwaves. A bored reporter (or more likely, a bored intern) saw your story and somehow became even more bored. There was literally nothing on the page to excite them into reading more about the subject so they quickly moved onto another press release that bored them a little less.

If you think your news is exciting – that’s great, you have to have that enthusiasm to write about it. However, it may not be the reality of the situation. You may be pumped about your new CEO’s background, but if the rest of the paper or show’s audience isn’t , then it doesn’t matter. It simply won’t air.

The Market Isn’t Right 

I actually got into a light argument with a friend over this just the other day. It was in regards to what she perceived to be a lightly covered news story (related to the Newtown shooting so I won’t go into too much detail). She posted a link on her Facebook and asked why it wasn’t covered more. Was it a conspiracy?

It was a little strange, considering this friend actually used to work at a newspaper. But after doing the research I noticed the story had actually gained a little traction despite it being a totally local story, most likely because it semi-related to the Newton shooting. If that event had not just taken place, the story would’ve been relegated to that local town’s newspaper headlines.

Not every story works for every market. Again, just because you think the news is incredible and deserves the spotlight doesn’t mean everyone feels the same. Sometimes you make the headlines, sometimes you’re on the back page, and sometimes incredible local coverage is all you need. Play to your strengths.

Life is Unfair 

Most of the time you can explain exactly why your latest press release failed to gain any traction. Sometimes, however, you simply can’t. You hit all the right notes, edited it down to a razor sharp length, and still nothing happened with it. What else can you do?

Not much, really. The only thing you can do in this case is suck it up and keep trying. Because sometimes life is just unfair – for example, the news editor came THIS close to including your press release but ran out of room when a high-paying advertiser changed their ad. It had nothing to do with you. If you give up, though – that is your fault.

How many press releases did you send out before you got your first one printed?

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So, a grassroots movement to encourage more US expansion of job creating companies is boring? Better to cover the latest school shooting or Lindsay Lohan arrest. Not the media’s fault – it’s our fault as consumers of news and information. Sad commentary.


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