Why the Media Wants Your Business to Succeed

Everyone loves a good success story. Sure, sometimes nothing satiates the general public like good ol’ Schadenfreude, hence why reality TV is still a thing that exists. But at the end of the day people still want to see, hear about and emulate those who manage to rise above their humble beginnings and achieve something great.

Remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “Golden Voice?” He was discovered on the streets of Columbus, Ohio and almost immediately became a nationwide celebrity. Everyone in America was pulling for this guy to have a tremendous comeback. Something about his story just struck a nerve – maybe we saw a little of ourselves in this downtrodden man with the spectacular talent?

Whatever it was, it was definitely an inspiring story, one you just don’t see every day. Stories like Williams’ prove that the media does like to run a positive story when they come across one. To this end, news outlets and reporters want you and your business to succeed so they have a positive story to report.

Man Bites Dog

The rule of what makes a story interesting is summed up by what either a British newspaper magnate or a former editor of the New York Sun once said. “When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.”

Another way of putting it is, “you never read about a plane that did not crash.” In other words, stories that go into the newspaper or on TV have to be different – run of the mill things are pointless to report on. So a dog biting a man isn’t exactly news, but a man chomping down on a dog – that’s crazy enough to talk about!

This is precisely why if you want your company’s epic story in the paper or on TV you need to have some sort of angle to it. And it can’t be a boring, run of the mill angle either. Remember: “man bites dog.” What makes your company stand out from the rest so much that it almost requires the local reporters to write about it?

Specifics of Your Success

Since you want people to notice your success, try to figure out why others would be interested in hearing about how well you’re doing. Keep in mind if you try to flaunt your success to others it just looks like gloating. Nobody wants to hear from a business owner how great life is when theirs isn’t all that hot. Your story has to mean something, or else you’ll come off as kind of a jerk!

So try to imagine how the rest of the world sees you. Did you have a difficult upbringing? What were the obstacles that stood in your way all these years from realizing your full potential? No matter how you cut it, it’s one thing if a middle-class kid from Ohio starts a successful business, but quite another if one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan does it.

Consider Williams’ rise to fame. He was down on his luck, a former addict and alcoholic, but seemed like a nice guy who had a tremendous talent. When we saw him, we practically NEEDED him to succeed. What about your business’s story inspires people like that?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be as drastic as Williams’ (though it helps). It just has to be interesting enough to draw people in and make them root for you. If you can find that, the media will practically bang down your door to get your story.

Did Ted Williams’ story inspire you?

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