Why Some of Your Customers are Mad at You

No matter how well you run your business, eventually you’re going to run into a crazy scenario. One day you’ll walk into your home office, turn on the computer, and immediately be inundated by hundreds of angry emails. Looking through them in shock, you try to figure out exactly what went wrong.

But it’s not always cut and dry – and that can often be the worst part of the experience. It’s obviously much easier to correct an issue when you actually know what it is. So before you even get these livid emails, it’s a good idea to look for grievances and snuff them out now.

Bait & Switch

Pulling a bait & switch usually implies the owner or seller knew what they were doing. If you go into a car dealership for a huge promotion but find all the good cars have mysteriously been purchased already, you’re the victim of intentional bait & switch.

However, that’s not always the case, and it sometimes happens without the owner knowing it. Maybe you offer a promotion of buying one item and getting another free. Something messed up on your website, though, so when customers go to buy that item they get confused and order something else entirely.

A few days later they get their package and there’s no free item. Worse, when they send an email complaining, you tell them they didn’t order the right thing – completely unaware of what happened. Naturally this will be a huge problem.

Fixing it can be as simple as checking to make sure all your links, pictures and payment options are on the up and up before you launch a promotion. Also, make sure you have enough of the items you’re using for the promotion, and if you run out, shut it down quickly!

Cultural Issues

The world gets smaller every day, as we’re exposed to more and more information about the planet and its inhabitants. I remember the first time I spoke to someone from another country on the web and it was like magic. Now something like that is just Tuesday!

With this globalization comes extra responsibility, especially as a business owner. Cultural issues should always be in the back of your brain when it comes to promotion and PR. This is more important if you’re delving into other countries, but can be equally crucial in different parts of the US.

For example, you may discover from sales data that your major customers live in Asian-populated sections of metropolitan areas. One slip up and you risk accidentally offending your base, and you may never even know why if you aren’t reviewing customer demographics.

Research is key. Always be one step ahead of your customers. It may seem unnecessary but you never know when something random will pop up and bite you in the rear end. It’s much easier to put a fire out before it even starts!

Have you ever had to put out major fires with your customers? How did you handle it?

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