Why Every Company Needs a Web Site

Some companies who build web sites today are still not completely sure what the web can do for them; “build a web site” becomes an entry on a “to do” checklist between “buy pencils” and “pick up non-fat creamer for office.” Maximizing a web site’s potential requires work, though, and if you’re still unsure how to make the most of your company’s web presence, keep reading.

Imagine having a sales person or company evangelist that never eats, never sleeps, and never takes vacations. A person so reliable they can accumulate contact information for new business while educating a current customer at the same time. Imagine someone who could do this forever without flagging.

What you’d have is a web site displaying your latest advertisement, a new press release, or any other public relations materials. A web site offering your contact information without concern for time zones or lunch breaks. A well-produced web site is available 24/7, 365 days a year, in a society that needs immediately accessible information to make fast decisions. Are you prepared to lose business? It would seem “build a web site” has just moved ahead of “buy pencils” and is edging its way up that “to do” list towards “find an accountant.”

When you find that competent accountant, be prepared to explain to them why printing new brochures every six months is a better plan than building a web site that can be updated as soon as your company changes. Imagine opening a web-based administrative screen to add information about that new store you just opened or announcing a new Christmas product just before the holidays.

Oh sure, you can rush to a printer and cut a few corners in hopes of getting your catalog mailed the same week you have enhanced your business. This strategy has worked so well in the past, right? Why change? Because turning on a dime has never been easier with the addition of a web site to a company’s relationship with its customers. Change your business, change your name, change your products and services at the drop of a hat, not at the drop of thousands of dollars you could use to grow your business.

And how can you grow your business if you don’t know who your customers are and their changing needs? How many times has the telephone company called you to report the number of people who looked up your contact information and spent time reviewing your advertisement? My guess is never. Envision tracking your customers and evaluating their behaviors on a web site without compromising their privacy. Today, user tracking is almost second nature for web site hosting companies who want you to be a success. Still think you don’t need a web site?

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  1. William says:


    If a business does not have an online presence, they would losing all their online prospects.

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