What’s Your Type (When It Comes to Press Releases)?

Not all press releases are created equal, and not all press releases have the same urgency or importance. The following breakdown divides press releases into the three key categories that you’ll need to be familiar with when planning your public relations strategy. This brief overview will not only help you write more eye-catching press releases, but target your press releases more efficiently, as well.

1.) Informational

Informational press releases are the most common type, their goal simply get a piece of information across to journalists. The informational release is best used to pitch feature or trend stories. Its tone should be upbeat without being too much of an advertisement. While the informational press release is a good introduction for journalists, there should also be a definite reason behind sending it. Consider doing quarterly press releases that inform the media of your organization’s progress.

2.) Announcements

Press releases centered around an announcement should follow a basic formula. The press release should be extremely clear and concise. Imagine getting up before an audience and making an announcement. There is anticipation from the listeners; get it over and done with. Announce the news, provide relevant background information, and that’s it. If the announcement is of importance, the press release should get the expected publicity without needing to be puffed up.

3.) Disclosures

Issuing a disclosure via press release is a tactic usually reserved for big companies or for companies in trouble. It may be a quarterly report as ordered by the Securities and Exchange Committee or the release of information regarding litigation. Press release disclosures are generally geared to getting the information out quickly and with some spin.

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