Use LinkedIn to Hire PR Pros

LinkedIn can be described as Facebook for professionals. After building your personal and employment profile, you can find past co-workers and link to their profiles. You can add your resume, pictures, contact information, detailed job descriptions, and anything else you think will help you land that perfect job, either now or in the future. Friends on LinkedIn can write recommendations, interact on a Twitter-like feed (which can be directly linked to your Twitter account), and much more.

Search Employees

Finding the right PR professional for you on LinkedIn can be as easy as a simple employee search. As of this writing, a search for “PR Professional” reveals over 80,000 results! You can whittle these results down in the Advanced People Search. Try looking in a certain area, someone who has held a certain title, or even someone that speaks Spanish.

And remember: those results all have their own recommendations. Rifling through profiles will give you an idea of what this potential employee is like and can also lead to other hits for your search. Also, LinkedIn kindly shows you other profiles your fellow searchers have clicked on besides the one you’re currently on.

Post An Ad

The next step to finding your ideal candidate is to post an ad. Be descriptive and don’t be afraid to be a little picky; again, there are a multitude of potential employees out there for the taking. You can always change the ad later if nobody is biting. It’s $195 for a 30 day job posting (they have deals for multi-job postings) so get the most use out of your buck!

Build Relationships

No matter your approach to finding your new employee, the important thing is to build relationships. It’s what LinkedIn is for! It was modeled after other social media sites for a reason. Like most business, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know, and LinkedIn provides a modern take on this old adage.

Using LinkedIn’s faux Twitter feed is one easy way to keep conversations going with any potential employees. It’s a little underutilized at the moment, so taking the initiative and posting updates and relevant and interesting links keeps you in the public eye.

Also, since most of your contacts will most likely be former colleagues, make sure to occasionally send them a line to keep in touch; maybe a quick note on a job change, or even write them a recommendation if you haven’t made one yet. You’ll never know when that former coworker will become available and you realize they would make a great addition to your team!

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