Use a Survey for More Corporate Blogging Ideas

You’ve taken the first step in creating a blog for your company. It’s already led to a nice upsurge of customers and a good back and forth dialogue with your audience. However, you’ve started worrying what you’re talking about on the blog is mostly irrelevant. Your responses have become few and far between and retweets from followers have dropped.

How do you figure out what your customers and readers want to read about? Delving into their minds can give you some solid ideas, but short of telepathy, that’s hard to do. However, one thing you can try is conducting a survey.

How Does That Help?

A simple survey can reach a lot farther than simply gathering information. You can also use them to figure out what to blog about on your corporate blog.

Say you blog for a graphic design company. You think you’ve spent a little too much time talking about your current projects and the software you use during the day. So you turn to your customer base to find out what’s really on their collective mind.

However, you don’t necessarily have to ask them directly. Try sparking a conversation with your surveys. Think of some other areas you could possibly cover and create a survey around them. For example, instead of talking about your own projects, ask your viewers their favorite graphic design works. You can restrict it to print jobs to give it more focus.

Now, on your next blog post (or series of blog posts) you can incorporate your visitors’ answers. Come up with a “Top 5 Graphic Design Jobs in Print” list for the blog and reference what people said they loved. This way, not only do they get original material from your blog, they feel they’ve contributed and are part of the company. Everyone loves a shout-out!

Be Direct

If all else fails, feel free to directly ask what your viewers want from your blog. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting answers as long as you have a dedicated fan base established. You may be surprised at the answers you get, too.

People may actually have already been clambering for a change but were afraid to say anything. Give them an opportunity and people will usually tell you what they think. In this case, both company and reader benefit, as fresh material will invigorate your business and give the reader something to look forward to in their Google Reader.

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If you have a strong social media following, ask them questions every so often. The insights that you can get from social media followers can give you blog content ideas. Social followers will appreciate that you reached out to them.


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