This is How You Should Tweet Your News

Getting the most up to date news is a lot different now than it was just a few years ago. Thanks to the internet, up to date information on recent events is coming at us faster than ever. And no site is more responsible for that than Twitter.

tweet birdDon’t believe me? Let’s think of some major stories in recent history that were broke via the 140 character driven social media site:

  • The death of Whitney Houston
  • The raid on Bin Laden’s lair
  • NSA whistle blowing by Snowden

Tweeting News for Your Business

So if Twitter is the place for news, how can you make it work for you and your company? Here are a few steps to make sure you’re doing things correctly:

Step 1: Make sure it’s actually news. The truth is that all your Twitter followers are already bombarded by too many Tweets. It doesn’t matter that they are only 140 characters long. The fact that they are so short simply means people can update quicker. The result is that anything that isn’t really newsworthy will get lost in the shuffle. And eventually, bogus news Tweets will get you unfollowed.

Step 2: Consider your headline. If it’s news, then you’re writing a release, correct? Well, when Tweeting your news, you want to try and stick to the meat of the issue. Where can you find that? In your press release headline.

Step 3: Don’t use up all 140 characters. Yes, that’s your maximum limit, but you don’t want to use the max. Here’s why. Not only do you want people to find out about your news, but you also want them to share your news. Well, in the Twitterverse, that means you want a ReTweet. And a good ReTweet needs room for others to add a brief comment to. If you use all 140 characters, they will have no room. The result can be one of the following:

  • They decide not to ReTweet
  • Your message gets cut short and the meaning is altered

Step 4: Abbreviate where it makes sense. Twitter is tricky because you need to take steps to be as brief as possible, yet you don’t want to come off as a 14 year old girl texting. So while you want to use abbreviations that are familiar, you want to stay away from silly sounding text lingo.

Step 5: Hash tag it. Hash tags aren’t just trendy marks. They help people find your information. So make sure you use appropriate hashtags so people will see your news. On the other hand, make sure you use the right hashtags. Don’t just use one you think is highly searched if it doesn’t fit your news.

By following these rules, you can successfully get people reading your news updates on Twitter.

What else should you keep in mind as you Tweet news updates? Share in the replies!

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