Turning Your “Luck” Around

What bad luck! That big client you were going to snag next week had something come up and now you can’t seem to reschedule the meeting. Also, you goofed up a price on your website and now you have an angry mob at your doorstep. Plus, the press release you wanted to send out had to be rewritten so you missed an important deadline. What rotten luck! What else could go wrong? 

Clover quarterfoil in handSo much in our daily business lives gets attributed to luck – either good or bad, it just seems like happenstance. However, that assumes most of what we do every day is out of our hands, and that just seems ridiculous. Sure, things happen once in a while you have literally no control over, but even that doesn’t mean it was bad luck.


If you watch sports, you know the feeling of watching your team go down when they really shouldn’t have. You go back over plays and wonder what could have been and how they could have done things differently. You watch the other team and wonder how they could get away with such blatant cheating or just how lucky they got when this or that happened.

Even though you’re a fan, you’re still considering all this info from an outside perspective. You watch the plays unfold and relive them in your head. The player who missed a tackle or misread the pitch views it from an entirely different perspective. He or she (or the coach) can go over the game and know exactly what could’ve been done to turn it around.

This is how you should be with your PR efforts. You can go over things you’ve done wrong recently and blame them on luck all you want, but that’s an outside perspective on things. You know exactly what’s been going wrong and may have even been ignoring it for some time now. To deny any responsibility for it is to say you have no real control over your business.

Turning it Around 

So turning your “luck” around is a matter of taking opportunities when you should rather than letting them pass by. Suddenly you go from a spectator to an active player in your business and your PR and business efforts will benefit.

For example, the big client you wanted to snag – how many opportunities did you miss to lock them down earlier? The time you had a dentist appointment and didn’t want to reschedule. The time you woke up a little late and were scrambling around a little too much to make the meeting. That Monday after your brother’s wedding that…well, you know. That bad “luck” could’ve been avoided if you finished up the job earlier.

Same with the press release that needed to be rewritten. Why did you take so long to write it in the first place? If you hadn’t, the edits could’ve come sooner, and you would’ve made the deadline. And the website snafu would have been handled if someone had just double checked that mislabeled price before launching the page.

No matter what the “bad luck” was it most likely could’ve been avoided if you had done some things differently. The question is, how will you avoid the same situation in the future?

What’s the worst case of “bad luck” you’ve had with your business?

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