Toxic Blog Topics to Avoid like Moldy Cheese

You’re just sitting down to write a blog post when you realize you’re not entirely sure what to even write about. You feel like you’ve covered most of what there is to say about your industry and you don’t want to repeat yourself. In this moment you might think of doing something drastic like try a controversial blog topic.

RGuess what? It might actually work. If it’s interesting and doesn’t actively anger your customers or the public in general, it might bring in page views and sales. However, that isn’t always the case, and there are a few topics you should actively avoid touching. Here is a list of some of the most common topics that may drive your customers away in droves.

Blatant Sales Pieces 

I’ll go ahead and admit these types of blog posts work on occasion. You’ve seen them or possibly written one before: “5 Ways the Electromatic Hydrotank Extreme Can Change Your Life!” or “Why Your Life Stinks Because You Don’t Use the Automatic DVD Cleaner Plus.”

The problem with these, though, is it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern. I’ve seen company blogs absolutely filled to the brim with these kinds of posts. They always come off as spam despite some of the info included actually being helpful. There’s always a better way to frame the post so it doesn’t come off as an ad.

Tying in News 

This is another example of a blog pattern that starts off as a good idea but can quickly turn against you. Keeping up with news is great, and name-checking certain recent events can help bring in views and even give perspective on what you’re talking about.

But this can come at a cost. So often bloggers forget they’re writing about real life stuff and tie in extremely negative stories in an incredibly inappropriate way. Would you write about how your bulletproof vest would have prevented a recent school shooting? Not in a clear state of mind you wouldn’t, but if you’re used to tying in the news you might think it’s ok.

Preaching to the Choir 

As a blogger and PR pro you should always challenge yourself. Once you’ve been writing for a while you get to really understand how your audience works. You know what they want and how they’ll react to a wide variety of subjects and posts.

This can actually be a problem. Eventually you turn into a blogger who just tells people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. If you find that you’ve been avoiding writing about anything that doesn’t gel with the “party line” it may be time to shake things up.

Recent Topics by Your Competitors 

It’s no secret bloggers look around the web for inspiration for their own material. Coming up with brand new material is tough. Also, it’s ridiculous to write in a void as it means neglecting what’s going on around you.

But are you copying too much? Writing about topics your competitors are writing about means your customers and readers are getting the same material everywhere they go. Instead of getting two perspectives they’ll likely either tune both of you out or even think you’re in cahoots. This is why you should always “keep your enemies closer” as the saying goes.

What are some other blog topics you avoid writing about?

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