To Build Your Business Up, First Tear It Down

We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s strong, then there’s Army strong.” The sentiment being that no matter how tough and solid you think you are in your life, you’re not quite up to the top unless the Army gets hold of you.

That may be true or just an advertising campaign, but the military forces have worked off this model for quite a long time. Once you get enlisted, they knock you down in every way possible only to rebuild you later, hopefully better than ever.

Whether you believe it or not, it does work for some. And while it may not work for every business, it may be just what your company needs to be truly successful.

Tear It Down

If your business isn’t performing exactly as you want it, then there’s undoubtedly something wrong with it. Even if what’s wrong is “customers just aren’t responding,” there’s still a REASON for it. To rebuild your company into what it should be, you must first tear it down to the basics.

To do this, go back to a time before you started your company. Why did you get into the business you did? Wanted freedom from the daily rat race? Had a great invention the world needed? Or perhaps a skill that only you could provide?

Whatever the cause of your jump, take a look around and see if you’re living up to that ideal. If your goal was to escape the rat race, for example, you may see that you’re still in it, just in a new form. Or maybe your terrific invention won’t change the world like you want it to.

Building a business is a lot of work, and in the midst of all this work we can lose sight of initial goals. Tearing your business down to its core – in other words, your initial idea – can refocus you when it’s time to build it back up.

Building It Back

Now that you’ve rediscovered your business and your drive, it’s time to push it into the next gear. Where before you may have been spent most of your energy just getting your business off the ground, this doesn’t exactly make you super successful. Making real progress often involves taking risks.

What would it take to get your business on the brain and lips of every possible customer? Knowing that true success takes risks, you may want to consider something a little “out there” to get your company moving. While the easy route may have been to market your product to soccer moms, that ignored research into the Goth teen market may yield real results…but only if you take a chance.

While you take your business into this next level, keep your core goals in mind so you don’t forget them again. You certainly don’t want to have to go through this process again just because you went after some easy bucks rather than take a risk!

What is the core goal of your business, and are you living up to it?

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